As we approach the midpoint of the summer season, we begin to field those phone calls from people who are noticing the weeds cropping up in their yards.  Unfortunately, in the heat of summer is the worst time to treat for weeds.  One of the reasons that hiring a good lawn care company to care for your lawn all through the growing season is that they know the best possible times to apply fertilization and weed control.  With this in mind we thought we would examine some of the reasons that consistent lawn care from a professional might be your best bet for maintaining a healthy lawn. 
Applying products to your lawn can be tricky business. Not only do you need to know what to apply, but you need to know when and how much to apply.  At Organic Solutions! Inc., we have the knowledge and experience to know how to treat your lawn appropriately for the best results.  We also have the tools and training that will provide your lawn with an even application.  Uneven applications of products can result in uneven color and growth as well as uneven success, meaning more weeds and pests in areas that received no application or minimal weed control/fertilization.
Fertilization schedules are important for a variety of reasons.  In the spring proper fertilization will help your lawn come out of winter dormancy and to replace the nutrients that have been lost.  After the first application it is recommended that fertilization take place every 4 to 8 weeks thereafter and especially in the fall.  The fall application of fertilizer will help fortify your lawn and build up the roots to withstand the winter ahead. 
Organic fertilization will help your soil be the best possible foundation to support a healthy lawn and a healthy lawn is less likely to have problems with weeds.  But sometimes, despite good health, weeds, disease, and insects can all play havoc on your lawn.  In Idaho, we often see problems with crabgrass and billbugs and there are ways to prevent this type of activity if the right applications are made in the spring and fall. 

At Organic Solutions! Inc., we have several packages that will give your lawn the nutrition it needs throughout the growing season.  We can also aid in the battle to keep turf disease, pests, and weeds from becoming a problem in your Idaho landscape.  If you would like an estimate on our lawn care programs, give us a call, 208-884-8986.

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