The springtime weather is teasing us with the changing seasons. It tugs at our inner gardener that wants to begin getting out and working in the yard. One of the concerns you might have is… is it the right time to start planting your trees? You have seen the weather forecast predicting warmer weather, but you are worried that it might turn cold again. Unfortunately, nobody has a crystal ball and they can’t predict the future. There are a few helpful hints and tips as to when you should plant a new tree or shrubbery. 

The Right Conditions

There is usually a soil temperature threshold that you want to wait for before planting your trees or shrubs in your yard. Once your soil temperature is above 50°F. How might a person know what their soil temperature is? You can go to your local grocery store and get an instant-read thermometer made for cooking. Push the thermometer’s probe as deep into the soil as possible to get an accurate reading of the soil temperature. Once your soil temperature is above that threshold you are in the clear to plant most trees and shrubbery.

The Right Location

You might also be wondering if the tree or shrubs you have chosen will be a good fit for your yard? It is always a good idea to go to your local university agricultural site and ask them what kind of plants will thrive in your yard’s soil. Don’t forget to take a soil sample from your yard for them to test. You will also want to look at what the plant is going to look like once it is fully grown, and whether or not it will cause dead spots in your yard because its canopy blocks out the sun.

Contact an Experienced Tree Company in Boise

The easiest way to choose what trees and shrubs to plant is to hire a local tree company to come out and walk you through your yard to show you great ideas for your yard. These landscaping teams have a much larger knowledge of plants that will look great in your yard. Most landscape businesses have an arborist that will know the best species of trees and shrubbery to plant in your soil. They also have software that they can draw up and show you exactly what the mature plants will look like in your yard. They can also give you an idea of what to expect with these trees and shrubs. What bugs to look out for and if you need more or less water for your yard. It is all up to you but these are a few ideas that might help you in your quest.