As summer winds down and the weather cools, our thoughts turn to the fast approaching winter.  Last year’s unprecedented snowfall in the Treasure Valley

is said to be duplicated this year.  And as a company, we saw many costly issues with sprinkler lines that were caused from irrigation systems not being blown out correctly or even not being blown out all. With that in mind, we want to focus today on the importance of winterizing your sprinkler system.

Whenever your sprinkler system is used, some water is always left in the pipes, even if you drain your system.  This water becomes an issue when temperatures drop below freezing.  The freezing and expanding of the water can then lead to cracked pipes and fittings. Frozen water in the system can also affect the valves and anti-siphon devises which are expensive to repair and replace.  Metal parts are especially vulnerable to the effects of alternately freezing and thawing over time. 

To prevent damage, we recommend a sprinkler blow-out.  A “blow-out” consists of sending pressurized air through the system to ensure that any leftover water is removed.  Failing to winterize your sprinkler system can result in severe damage not only to your sprinkler system but potentially with your property, especially your lawn, due to flowing.

At Organic Solutions! Inc., we urge you to hire a trained professional to winterize your irrigation system to ensure that it is done properly.  We are in the process of scheduling for sprinkler blow-outs and encourage you to contact us and get on the calendar before it is too late.  

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