The housing market in the Treasure Valley is red hot and perhaps you have thought about jumping on the band wagon and putting your house up for sale.  Before you rush to put up that sign, you might want to consider the condition of your lawn.  A well-maintained yard can not only add actual dollar sign value to your home but also generate interest.  There are many would be buyers who prefer that the lawn and landscaping of any prospective home is healthy and mature and believe that a well maintained lawn reflects on how well you have cared for and maintained your home as well.  We often talk about a home having curb appeal, but the truth is that first impressions are important!

At Organic Solutions! Inc., we have been in the business helping homeowners achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn for over 17 years in the Boise, Idaho area and have firsthand knowledge of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to caring for your lawn.  If you want to make a good first impression to home buyer’s here are some of common mistakes you will wish to avoid:

Improper irrigating – One of the mistakes we see is that people tend to either overwater or underwater their lawns.  Remember that turf grasses actually do better if managed on the dry side rather than wet.  If you overwater and your grass is constantly wet your grass roots will become deprived of oxygen and become more susceptible to disease.  Less frequent but longer periods of watering will promote deeper roots that will help your lawn weather the heat.  One of inch of water per week is recommended for healthy grass.  And remember that if you are watering, it is best to do it the morning between 6am and 10am to avoid as much evaporation as possible and give the lawn time to dry out before nightfall.

Forgetting to fertilize – Your lawn like any living organism requires the right nutrients to be strong and healthy.  It is important to recognize that adding nutrients and organic material to your lawn will help enrich your soil and in turn produce healthier conditions for your grass to not only survive but thrive in.  Fertilizing also helps to address the issue of weeds.  People commonly assume that they only need to treat the weeds in order to have a beautiful lawn.  The reality is that grass with a strong healthy root system will grow more dense and be more capable of fighting off weeds and turf diseases naturally.

Blunt Mower blades – dull blades do more harm than good when it comes to mowing.  A dull blade actually tears the grass and injures the blades resulting in trauma that can lead to stress and disease.  Sharp blades make a clean cut that will minimize blade trauma and reduce stress on your lawn.

Mowing the same way each time – people are creatures of habits and we tend to do the same thing the same way each time we do it but this can actually be a bad thing for our lawn.  If you mow in the same direction each time you mow you can actually mat down the grass and inhibit growth.  It is better to vary the pattern each time so that you get a clean cut and a healthier lawn.

Cutting the lawn too short – When grass is cut to short it allows the sun to reach through to weed seeds and cause them to germinate and grow.  Also, shorter grass tends to have a shallow root system which makes it more susceptible to heat and drought.  In general you should never cut off more than a third of the grass height per mow and your grass should be between 2 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches tall.

Failing to finish – there is more to having a beautiful yard than mowing the lawn.  It’s important to make sure that your yard has a neat and well cared for appearance.  Don’t forget that you will also need to invest some time each week trimming and edging around your lawn.  And always check and make sure that you haven’t left clippings laying around on the hardscapes.  You may want to invest in a leaf blower to make clean up easier and ensure that your yard always looks clean and neat.

Avoiding these mistakes can make a difference on the impression any prospective buyer will have of your home.  At Organic Solutions! Inc., we recognize that not everyone has the time or the proper equipment to maintain their yard on a weekly basis.  If you would like to ensure that your home makes a good first impression, contact us for a free estimate on any of our lawn care services from fertilization to weekly mowing.  We can be reached by phone, 208-884-8986, or by email,

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