Now that it is November you have probably put any ideas of lawn care on the back burner.  But there are some things you can do this late in the season that will help you have a green lush lawn in the spring.  We have talked in previous blogs about the importance of that end of the season fertilization for a healthy lawn but we haven’t discussed another application that could be of great benefit to your lawn before winter comes and that is a Sulfur.

Sulfur is important in maintaining a healthy ph balance in your lawn and soil.  When the ph levels are too high or low (too acidic or too alkaline) the lawn cannot absorb the nutrients it needs such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium which can cause your lawn to grow slowly and not look as lush or green as it should.
There are many factors which can cause the ph balance of your soil to be out of whack from urban development which contributes to the loss of good topsoil and the leaching of lime from cement structures, to bicarbonates found in your water source.  A Sulfur treatment will help improve the ph balance of your soil which in turn will aid in growing a beautiful lush green lawn.

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