Lately there has been a lot of backlash against the concept of having a nice green lawn around your home.  This has come from environmental concerns with the amount of water that is needed as well as from the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides that are commonly used to keep the grass green and weed free. 
Luckily there are more and more organic methods that are being developed and used to fertilize the lawn and help it to fight off weeds naturally without having to resort to treatments that can be harmful to the environment.  So before you decide to remove all the grass and let your yard go “au natural”, consider the positive effects that a beautiful lawn can provide.
Benefits of a healthy lawn:
Air Quality.  Because grass is a living organism capable of photosynthesis, it is able to take the carbon dioxide in the air and convert it into oxygen. The average lawn creates enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.  Some have said that grass is one of the most sensible ways of countering the greenhouse effect in urban areas.  In addition to removing carbon dioxide from the air it also reduces the amount of dust and dirt that is released into the air as well.
Cooling of Air.  On a summer day an area of asphalt or bare soil can be between 7 and 30 degrees warmer than the average lawn.  And a healthy lawn can actually be more productive in cooling the air than the average air conditioner.  This cooling effect is caused by the release of water into the air through a process called transpiration, much like the process of human perspiration.  The more grass that is planted in the cities the more we can counteract the heat-island effect of the urban landscape. 
Improves natural water sources.  A dense lawn reduces pollution and run off.  Because the lawn absorbs most of the water rather than letting it run off into gutters and drains it helps keep our rivers and streams clean by reducing the amount of unfiltered water that flows into them.  A healthy lawn is actually 4-6 times more effective in absorbing water than the average field of wheat or hay.  A lawn will also filter the water as it absorbs it and thus cleaner water is entering the aquifers that we so heavily rely upon.
Health and Wellness.  Green spaces help improve people’s mood and contribute to their mental as well as physical wellbeing.  Not only does one’s blood pressure and muscle tension reduce when exposed to outdoor spaces but even hospital patients have been seen to improve quicker when their room overlooks a lawn or park like landscape rather than viewing other buildings.  Employees were also shown to be less stressed and more productive if they had the benefit of an outdoor space or the view of a landscaped lawn from their window.  Green spaces are also shown to help children think and process better. 
Community Connections.  Not only does a well landscaped yard improve one’s property value substantially but manicured lawns and open spaces in neighborhood also help to create a sense of community.  When there are places to gather and for kids to play people will naturally connect more.  It’s been shown that landscaped neighborhoods not only have more socializing among neighbors but that they are safer with decreased police calls for crimes, domestic issues and child abuse. 

These are just some of the advantages that come from having a healthy lawn, which is one of nature’s best ground covers.  
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