If you are looking for a full-service landscaping company, then look no further than Organic Solutions! Inc. We offer residents and business owners of Star a full range of services including sprinkler installation and repair. 

There are many problems that you may face when it comes to the maintenance of sprinkler systems. There are many cases in which the system in question was installed years ago and doesn’t work right anymore. There are also cases in which the spray patterns are no longer correct. Because each Star lawn is different from one another, there is no way to spray the same amount of water on each or always depend on the same pattern that your neighbors use. Furthermore, if you use drip irrigation it must be installed properly for it to work right. If you want your plants and shrubs to get enough water to survive and thrive, there cannot be anything that goes wrong in this process. 

Organic Solutions! Inc keeps an eye on your bottom line while installing and repairing your sprinkler system. We are the professionals and we can give your yard what it needs to look its best by using professional skills, techniques, and tools to install your sprinkler system properly. 


  • Installation

  • Repair

  • Adjustments

  • Startups

  • Winterization

  • Blowouts


The sprinkler systems that we install are the best you can find on the market. We provide you with great products and stellar sprinkler services as well. We keep any problems you may have in the future to a minimum by providing you with the best service possible the first time around. We can inspect your sprinkler system for problems and assess what needs to be done, or you can do it yourself. Here’s what you need to do:

Don’t buy into the misconception that just because the air is warm, the ground is warm too. This is one mistake that many homeowners make. You need to make sure that the ground has had plenty of time to warm up before turning your sprinkler system on. Turning it on too soon leads to problems like freezing, and this is never good. It causes damage. 

Check your valves every 30 to 60 days. Not many people know that the heart of your entire sprinkler system is your valves. If a valve is leaky, it disrupts the flow of the water and therefore the pressure. This will cause certain areas of your lawn to not get the proper amount of water that it needs to grow healthy and strong. You also need to check the areas around your sprinkler heads. Look for any obstructions such as twigs, rocks, or debris that may be interrupting the spray patterns and remove them right away. Make sure to keep an eye out for dying shrubs or brown spots, since these things indicate a problem going on somewhere. 

To avoid hassle later on down the road, perform these quick checks regularly. This will help you avoid costly problems and have the best looking lawn possible. Many Star residents are too busy to perform these tasks on their own. If you are like your neighbors in star, call Organic Solutions! Inc. We will make sure that your sprinkler system is working fine and is in great shape so that you can use your time doing other things. 


Sprinkler systems can be troublesome things-just ask anyone who has had to do repairs by themselves! The professionals at our company, Organic Solutions! Inc, have the expertise to ensure that your sprinkler system will last a lot longer than you may think! There is a special place for the plants that grow in our homes and our hearts. The water you give the plants in your yard is what they survive on. Luckily, we also get a little rainfall in our arid, dry environment. Your job will be easy if you hire Organic Solutions! Inc to take care of the installation and repair of your sprinkler system. Your plants and lawn are getting the care that they need with us, so relax!

Our experts are highly experienced with electrical aspects. Your system is only as good as the timer that is used to turn your sprinklers on and off when it is time. Your yard will be subject to problems throughout the year if there is a missed step in the electrical aspects and timers of the system. This will be a snap for you at your home or at your business if you hire a professional sprinkler service company in Star


Nobody likes doing chores, and watering your grass is right up there with doing the laundry and cleaning the dishes. But it must be done, otherwise, your lawn will become a laughingstock in your neighborhood. Fortunately, Organic Solutions! Inc is there to help. We specialize in the installation, automation, and repair of sprinkler systems in Star! We will take the stress and bore of watering your lawn properly away.

Our Watering Tips


At Organic Solutions! Inc, we promise expert results. We will:

  • Be on time
  • Have experts on staff
  • Hire employees that care about your lawn
  • Price your work fairly
  • Great quality of work

We care about sprinkler installation and repair! In Star, we take care to make sure your sprinkler system works. On hot days you can easily lose your lawn if it’s not watered correctly.


An automatic sprinkler system is far superior in every way when installed correctly and programmed for your needs. You will cut down significantly on the amount of wasted water and every bit of your lawn will receive the water it needs to thrive.

Like any automated process, your sprinkler system is designed to save you time and do a better job. You can “fire and forget” about your lawn’s watering needs.

Not at all. Modern sprinkler systems are designed to conserve water by following strict guidelines set by the user. You don’t have to “remember” to go outside and turn off the sprinklers once their work is done. How many times have you forgotten only to find a small pond forming in your lawn?

It is always a good idea to hire a company with plenty of third party reviews. Reviews on their websites are nice, but you know they’re only picking the good ones. Third party reviews like Google and Facebook will give you a better idea of how they take care of their customers.


In Star, there is only one right company for your sprinkler needs and that is Organic Solutions! Inc. We are happy to serve and we come with years of experience and training. Don’t worry about your sprinklers anymore. We got this!