Anyone looking for professional lawn care in Star, Idaho should look no further. Organic Solutions, Inc. is a top-rated lawn care company offering a wide array of services to fit your individual lawn care needs. These include lawn mowing and fertilization, aeration, weed control, leaf removal, gardening, and general lawn care. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your lawn care needs. We will go over every aspect of your yard with you to determine which services you require to boost your curb appeal and take your yard to the next level of fantastic. Relaxing or playing on a beautifully manicured lawn in a fresh, pristine yard can help shift your outlook on life. Not everyone can offer you the kind of benefits you are looking for. A substandard company will deliver substandard results. A gorgeous lawn starts with nurturing and quality care and ends in a happier you. Give us a call today to find out about the advantages of using our services and what sets us apart from the competition.


Star is a lovely part of the Treasure Valley, and all our residents know that the Treasure Valley is absolutely stunning in the summer. With all the natural beauty surrounding us and the abundance of outdoor activities we have available to us, nobody wants to spend their summer days taking care of their lawn. Table Rock is waiting to be hiked, the river is waiting for you to float, and there is art to enjoy in all sorts of places. Is lawn care really a chore you need to waste your time on when you could be experiencing life to its fullest with your friends and family? We didn’t think so. 

There is a variety of grasses that grow here locally, and we are well prepared to handle each of them, having intimate knowledge of how they grow and what they need to thrive. We are sure we can meet and maintain your lawn’s specific needs. 


If your lawn consumes all your free time, has bald or patchy spots in it, or has not greened up this spring, it is time for you to hire a lawn care professional. We can provide what your lawn needs to grow in full, lush, and vibrant. We have both the knowledge and the tools  to diagnose the problems that are plaguing your lawn and fix them. Things like inadequate sunlight, fertilizer burn, under-watering, and pests can all cause bare patches on your lawn. Lawn care relies on science to tell us what a lawn needs in order to be healthy. Understanding the science behind lawn care takes years of experience, research, and expert advice. You should be proud of your lawn just as we are proud of our quality of services, and we don’t want you to be bogged down by the responsibility of caring for your lawn. Organic Solutions is just the right company to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.


Through collaboration with our clients, we develop a long-term lawn care plan that works for your schedule and budget and fulfills your lawn’s specific needs. There are never any hidden fees or charges so you know what the price of services will be in advance. Our quote is our quote. Whether we are controlling the insects that infest your yard or removing that old tree stump that has been there for years, we always take every precaution necessary to protect you, your family, and your property. We use only the safest, highest quality products and methods available on the market today to ensure that you experience the same type of results we would want for ourselves. Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work.


Our general lawn care services include mowing, edging, fertilizer application, cleanup, and a checkup for your lawn’s health. There are also add-on services available, such as overseeding and spring cleanup to improve your lawn’s health and overall look.

Lawn Mowing 

A regular schedule is ideal when it comes to mowing your lawn. This will help to keep your grass at a moderate, standard height. Cutting the grass too short can damage the root system and cause what is called a “scalped lawn”. This causes the grass to turn brown and look lifeless. Avoid cutting the grass when it is wet. We will help you to set your sprinkler system schedule so that your lawn mowing falls at the right time in between waterings. We keep all of our mowers and equipment properly maintained so that the blades stay sharp. This ensures that we are cutting the gras and not just tearing it. 


Your lawn needs fertilizer to stay lush and healthy. You should choose your fertilizer carefully, as some kinds can cause fertilizer burn and turn the lawn brown. We offer some optimal organic fertilizers that are safe for pets and children. We also can fertilize your lawn for you. 


We leave each lawn we mow with a neatly trimmed edge to finish off the manicured look. We can even mow a diamond pattern into your lawn for an extra touch of class if you wish.

Spring Cleaning

Our Spring cleaning service includes raking and leftover debris removal, weeding, and aerating your lawn. 


We overseed your lawn after aeration with a custom seed mix to fill in bare patches and make your grass fuller and more lush. 


If you don’t have the time or physical ability to do so, mowing the lawn is best left to the professionals. But there are benefits for every other homeowner with a lawn as well. Our tools, products, and services will have your lawn whipped into shape and looking its best in no time! Call us today for a free consultation.