The answer to this question is like many questions…maybe. The answer is maybe because it depends on what you want to do with your outdoor space. If you are looking for a simple lawn without any type of special design work, then you probably don’t need a professional. If you have a lawn that is already green and grows easily without any dead spots, then you probably don’t need help. But if you’re looking to add intricate design elements, water features or have problem spots in your existing lawn, you will be very well served by hiring a professional landscaping company.

Design Elements Add Interest

While a rectangular shaped lawn with beautiful green grass is appealing to many, most of us want a little more out of our outdoor living spaces. Conversation pits with fire features are a great way to break up the space. Shade features give your visitors a nice place to relax out of the sun’s harmful rays. Flower beds beautifully break-up otherwise boring landscapes. Again, before you add dozens of hours building and constructing, plus thousands of dollars in material, it’s a good idea to consult a professional. Their design experience gives you the confidence knowing what the outcome will look like before you get started. Better yet…let them do the work while you sit back and relax! That is the best of both worlds!

Water Features Delight Your Senses

A beautiful lawn is a pleasure to look at. Nobody will disagree with that! Adding water features takes it to the next level by making your yard sound beautiful as well. Moving water has a relaxing element that cannot be fully replaced by artificial means. A waterfall in your backyard takes you and your visitors to a different place. Maybe they remember a family vacation fishing in a back-country stream? Sound can create a sense of calm.

If you are considering a water feature, you will need to answer a few important questions to get the most out of it. Your landscape designer will help you pick the right type of feature and help you decide where to place it to get the most out of it. Too far away from your seating areas and you won’t be able to hear it. Too close and you won’t be able to talk over it!

Problem Areas in Your Lawn?

There are very few lawns under the sun that don’t have some sort of a problem area. Either they have patchy areas of grass because of shade issues, or they don’t get enough water at the right time of the day, so on and so forth. If 90% of your lawn looks great, your visitors will likely spot the 10% and remember that from their visit. It’s important to keep the entire lawn looking good to have the best results possible. Professional landscapers have seen problems just like yours many times and can likely fix it easily.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Contractor

Hiring a professional landscape contractor means you don’t have to worry about how all these elements come together. They have the experience and skills to get the job done right. You just need to tell them what you want, as specifically as possible, and let them take it from there. Trust a professional to know how to bring your dreams to life!