At organic Solutions! Inc., we recognize that lawn care is much more than having green grass.  Our lawn maintenance program includes the much needed preventative care for trees and shrubs.  At this time of year Organic Solutions, Inc. is busy pruning trees and applying dormant oil.

Dormant oil is used to treat and destroy the overwintering eggs of insects, caterpillars, and mites that are harmful to your fruit trees and landscape ornamentals.  Applying dormant oil now will help to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and give you a head start on insect management.

If you have had a problem in the past with pesky bugs feasting on your trees and shrubs, you might want to consider applying dormant oil now before those trees begin to bud.  

For a free estimate on preventative care please contact us.  We can be reached by phone, 208-884-8986 or by email,

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