One of the most common weed problems that we encounter in the Boise, Idaho area is Crabgrass.  Crabgrass is a difficult weed to control and sometimes impossible to eradicate completely.  Crabgrass grows vigorously in the summer heat and then goes to seed before dying in the fall.  A single crabgrass weed can distribute thousands of seeds many of which will germinate the following spring.  Some crabgrass seeds will lay dormant and germinate years later. 
The most effective way to treat crabgrass is to use a preemergent herbicide.  When applied in the spring it will destroy the seedlings before they can sprout.  Because of the way a preemergent herbicide works, the timing of the application is critical.  If you apply too early the herbicide breaks down before it is needed.  If you apply too late, the seeds have already germinated and the herbicide is ineffective. 
If you have missed the opportunity to apply a preemergent in the spring, there are some products that are available that will kill young crabgrass or you can also try the good old fashioned method of hand-pulling the small patches of crab grass before they go to seed in order to prevent spreading.
Another way to help your lawn fight off crabgrass is to do all you can to ensure that your lawn is healthy.  This includes the following steps:
Fertilize to increase the nutrients in the soil;
Fill in bald or bare spots by overseeding;
Irrigate correctly (deeply and less frequently); and
Mow consistently and not too short.

A dense healthy lawn will make it harder for crabgrass seeds to germinate and take root.  At Organic Solutions! Inc., we use organic products that actually improve the health of your lawn rather than just treat the symptoms.

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