Spring is almost here along with the time for inventory, cleaning out, and moving on. Before you begin sprucing up your yard and doing all the necessary spring cleaning on your property and in your home you may want to ask yourself three questions. First, what needs to be done around your yard to pick up after winter time? Second, are there any tree branches that present a hazard to you, your family or anyone else? And third what are you going to do going forward to keep your lawn maintained and looking its best for the year?

What is Your Current Yard Situation?

Winter time brings with it it’s own layer of dirt and grime that settles on everything around it. Perhaps you want to power wash the outside of your house, pick up sticks, rocks, and debris from your flower beds, or just wake up all the extra leaves that you didn’t get before fall turned into winter. There’s probably a whole list of chores that need to be done along with the spring cleaning. Fortunately, you can hire different companies to help with these types of chores. Are you planning to sell your home in the springtime or early summer? Then now would be a good time to consider what sort of professional service you may need to get your property into ship shape before selling.

Are There Any Hazards Overhead?

Spring is a fabulous time to have your trees checked and trimmed. Part of tree care and maintenance is the removal of dead, dying, or broken branches. This is important because compromised branches present a danger to anyone who happens to be around them. You never know when a dead branch could fall. Having your trees health checked out in the springtime is important as well. The professional arborist will check the trunk, bark, and branches for a variety of things that might indicate disease or pests. Trees are an important part of your property and its value. They provide shade and beauty and only serve to increase the desirability of your home. They must be well placed and maintained. If you have a dead stump in your yard spring is a great time to have it removed so that it is no longer a problem.

Who is Taking Care of My Lawn this Summer?

Finally, who is going to maintain your yard during the summer months when you have so many other activities to attend to? You need to consider mowing, watering, and fertilization to keep your grass at its peak health. This means that you need to be familiar with ideal watering schedules and all of the different types of fertilizers on the market. You should also be sure to not cut the grass too short so that you don’t stress the root system. You can do this yourself, but it is often a lot better to have a professional company do it. When you take the guesswork out of handling big projects like lawn maintenance you often save money, time, and energy.

One Call is All it Takes if You Need Help!

There are few companies around that truly take care of all your outdoor needs. You need a one-stop all-inclusive outdoor maintenance company. Organic Solutions, Inc! is one of those! We have professionals on staff that specialize from tree tops to grass roots. Call us today and we’ll take it from here!