This is part 1 of a 2-part series from Organic Solutions

The argument is still going on about whether fertilizers are dangerous to people, animals and Mother Earth.  There is a healthier option of growing a beautiful lawn by using organic ingredients that will allow you to feel better about taking care of nature and still let your yard be the envy of the neighborhood. Hopefully this series will better educate home owners on the benefits of organic fertilizers, and you can make sure that the chemicals you put on your lawn are as safe as possible, whether you are doing it yourself or are just making sure that your landscaping company is doing the same thing. Today’s organic products are just as effective and sometimes more than the manufactured chemicals that have historically been used.

Its helpful to remember that your lawn is rarely and probably never going to look as green as the 18th hole at Pebble Beach. If you can accept this your lawn maintenance peace of mind will increase and your discouragement will decrease. It is natural for a lawn to have a dandelion head or two occasionally showing. No lawn care service (no matter how expensive) can promise the elimination of all weeds. Weeds have had thousands of years of experience on how to survive and evolve, and if you use that knowledge and accept that you will have a much less frustrating lawn care experience. Don’t fight nature; work with it.

An additional thought to help you with maintaining and/or achieving a greener lawn is to get rid of age-old traditions related to watering and mowing your lawn. It is not uncommon to find out that a lawn’s problems arise from the homeowner’s incorrect idea of how they should water or mow their grass. If you don’t understand how to do these to things, and then learn how to adjust them due to temperature changes, wind patterns, sun cycles, and other natural factors then you are again just fighting with nature instead of learning how to work with it.

Although shorter grass can be beneficial to for your local fairways and country clubs, it is usually not the choice that you want to follow when it comes to your personal lawn. Most of a golf course’s grass is bent grass, and the correct height for that type is grass is about an inch. The majority of residential lawns in the Boise, Nampa, Meridian area are Kentucky Bluegrass mixtures. The optimal height for these types of grasses is 3-4 inches. Lengths shorter than that will actually create an inviting environment for unwanted weeds (crabgrass, dandelions, and other broad leaf weeds). Not to mention the fact that shorter grass creates a shallow root system, and that will make it harder for your lawn to fight off disease, make up for lack of water, and deter unwanted insects.

Keeping your sprinklers running every day is not always the best thing to do, and in fact it can harm your root system. Roots want to go deep in the ground and find minerals and water. If you water too often then your roots don’t have the encouragement they need to dig deep and are more prone to stay close to the surface and create a weak root system and add stress to those roots. The most effective way to water is to get your lawn water when it needs it. Every lawn is going to be different, and every lawn is even going to have spots that need different quantities of water. Things like temperature, shade, time of the day, wind speeds, soil types can all change how often you should water your lawn, and these factors can change during the year, so it is important to stay on top of it. The best overall advice is that you want to teach the roots of your grass that they want to dig deep into the earth so that they can be as healthy as possible.

So, by now I am sure that you are starting to ask yourself how getting onto a lawn maintenance program that is organic can help you keep more money in your wallet? With the current virus concerns around the country and the world, along with the troubling stock market everyone is looking to save more of their money. Probably the biggest reason that an organic lawn care program can save you money is because organic fertilizers will improve the soil instead of allowing chemicals to just “steroid” up your lawn with growth that can’t be maintained without consistent chemical growth. Your grass is only as good as the soil it is growing it (its base). Theoretically you could grow grass on cement. It wouldn’t be cost effective, and it would give you more stress than studying for your college finals, but it is still possible. Let’s look at how you can cultivate a superior lawn, and then we can look at how this will help you keep more of your hard-earned money. We will cover all of this in part 2 of this series.