Keeping your trees properly trimmed, along with your shrubs, is an excellent way to promote overall plant health, ensure safety, and maintain a beautiful landscape. However, improper pruning can cause the cuts not to heal properly, weaken the branch structure, and encourage the growth of suckers that prevent energy from entering the areas that demand it most. So, to prevent any unforeseen issues, call Organic Solutions. Our team are specialists in tree trimming in Nampa!


  • Removal

  • Trimming

  • Injections

  • Insect Control

  • Fertilization

  • Installation


Here are some relevant links for tree planting and care in case you want to go more in-depth on this issue. There are plenty of helpful resources available for the DIY enthusiast. 


Many people in Nampa think that they can manage all tree-related issues on their own, and they don’t require any professional help. This might be true for just a fraction of people who really know what they are doing, but not for the majority. The easier, and safer, way it is to solve your tree issues is by hiring a professional tree company like Organic Solutions. Our certified arborists are experts at getting the most out of trees, keeping them healthy and strong. 

There are many problems that must be dealt with if you are to keep a healthy and green lawn. Notable overgrowth can cause a series of issues down the road, and trimming them becomes much more essential. Trimming trees might sound easy, with just cutting them down meaninglessly. However, it is a much more dangerous task than many people realize. You are going to need to handle sharp instruments with moving blades in many cases. If you aren’t used to doing this it can be quite dangerous. 


There are many different signs that may raise a red flag, indicating you need professional tree help. One of the most common signs that you can notice is the overgrowth of trees. Overgrowth causes many issues, especially when they encroach on your structures or your neighbor’s property. It can also be an issue if they start touching the surrounding power lines. The danger here is obvious. This is not a situation to be taken lightly. This can create serious problems and even make you vulnerable to lawsuits if it causes a nuisance to other people, and you need to fix it as soon as possible with the help of professionals.

Another issue that you can see is that the grass does not grow properly in your home or your business area due to excessive trees preventing sunlight from entering the area below your trees. The shade prevents the growth of grass properly as it requires a lot of sunlight to grow. This, in return, can be a deterrent to the perfect lawn that nearly every homeowner desires. Too much shade makes the grass patchy, which looks very unattractive to the eye. In order to fix it, you carefully need to examine the shade patterns with the patchy grass. If you are unable to fix it yourself, it is time to get experts, like those at Organic Solutions, to do the work for you!


In order to trim trees and shrubs properly, knowledge of the best practices and sufficient understanding of different tree species is essential, along with the commitment to continuous education. The arborists at Organic Solutions in Nampa are specialists in tree care, and we genuinely appreciate the significance of trees in your home’s landscape. To provide you with the best possible results, we make use of all our top-of-the-line equipment and skills to prune your shrubs and trees with the help of the most advanced guidelines for health, safety, and appearance.



Maintaining your trees is one of the essential things to keep them in a healthy state. We strategically remove the portions of the trees that allow more sunlight to penetrate to the inner parts of the trees. The maintenance is even more significant for fruit trees. If you want them to give the most fruit possible, you need to take extra care so they can produce it at their maximum potential. So, it is vital that you keep them as healthy as you can. 

Tree Removal

Completely removing trees is an excellent way to make your lawn look much cleaner. Trees that might be added several years ago might take up a lot of space, and you might not require them anymore to give you more space for other things. There can be other reasons for the removal, too, such as they might be too close to any power lines or other structures that can cause damage if not taken down. Anyway, you would want to remove them, and with our help, you can do that easily and without going through any hassle! We will make things cleaner and clearer for you!

Pest Control

Pests can be devastating for trees. Pest infestations can kill trees in a very short period of time if they are not recognized and treated early. If not taken care of at all, they can kill the surrounding trees and plants as well. Organic Solutions makes sure that your trees are well taken care of so they can have healthy growth and long life. It is also essential that you allow professionals to do it as it can cause you thousands of dollars more if you do not do it correctly.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about us. In case you don’t find your relevant query here, make sure to give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer you!

There can be many different answers to this particular question. However, the most apparent answer is your tree dying or being dead. A dead tree is hazardous to other plants and has to be removed as soon as possible.

If you want us to cut down a tree, we will happily do it for you. The best part is, it is totally up to you about what happens to it after it is cut down. We leave it to you in case you already have any plans!

There is no ideal time for removing a tree. It totally depends on your needs and desires. There are benefits to removing a tree when it has minimal leaves for better visibility in the tree. On the other hand, it is easier to determine which tree is worth saving in the growing season. 

Not at all. We understand that everyone has commitments with friends or family or work. If you give us a clear description of the issue, we can visit the site ourselves and give you a follow up call or email. We are happy to be flexible and make the estimate process work for you.

Expensive is a very subjective term, so it is hard to answer. It also mainly depends on the issue regarding the tree, so it becomes more expensive if the problem is more complicated. Other than this, taller trees cost more to remove as compared to smaller trees. Moreover, the positioning of the trees is also a relevant factor when determining the cost of the removal as some require more care and safety as compared to others. Finally, how do you compare the cost of removing a tree to the damage that same tree may do if it falls and injures someone or does great structural damage in the process?

This, too, depends on the species of tree and what you require from it. For instance, a shade tree has different requirements as compared to fruit trees. We recommend this at least once every year, but again, there are other variables involved as well! It’s always best to call Organic Solutions for an on-site evaluation.


There is just way too much on the line for you to take a chance on someone to maintain the trees in the Nampa area. Your trees play an essential role in the overall landscape of your home and add much to the overall attractiveness as well. Plus, making a poor decision can lead to expensive and possibly dangerous consequences. Hiring Organic Solutions for the maintenance of your trees is the best possible way for you to enjoy complete peace of mind as the professionals have all the required knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible results.