Need expert lawn care in the Nampa area? Organic Solutions is locally owned and operated with more than 20 years in Nampa. We are highly rated in the community and offer all the lawn care services you need. We mow, aerate, weed, cleanup and more. If you are thinking about hiring a lawn care company, which you likely are if you’re reading this, then give us a call today. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate with no obligation!


Southern Idaho is a beautiful part of the state and during our spring and summer it’s even more beautiful. It would be a shame to spend your days working on your Nampa yard when you could be enjoying the days while Organic Solutions handles all of the difficult work. Spend time on the golf course, hiking our trails, or playing with your kids and/or grandchildren. If this sounds appealing, give Organic Solutions a call…we’ll take it from there!

Lawn care isn’t a new concept but for many people, they’ve always done it themselves. With evolving technologies, it’s even more convenient to have a company take care of your lawn for you. We can mow your yard more quickly and efficiently than most homeowners can. This leaves you more time for things you enjoy. From grass problems to pest infestations, we are here for you!


Worried that you lawn is not “greening” up during the spring? Or have you been noticing bare and dead spots around the lawn? Have you been spending an endless amount of time in the yard when you should be relaxing? Well, pick up your phone and start dialing because Organic Solutions is the company you need. We have the training and experience needed to get your lawn in order as quickly as possible. We bring the right tools and best practices to each project we undertake. We know how to detect a problem, and we know how to fix them. 

Bare or dead spots in your garden can be caused by a myriad of reasons, these include: 

  • Underwatering 
  • Overwatering 
  • Lack of sunlight 
  • Too much fertilizer 

While taking care of your lawn may not be rocket science, there is still quite a bit of science to understand and apply. We have done all of the trial and error work in the past so you don’t have to. You can benefit from our experience immediately. Our advice always comes from research, expertise and years of practice.  

You should love your lawn…not dread working on it! Why spend hours working on your lawn when you could spend hours enjoying your lawn? That’s our goal, plain and simple! Oh, and if your neighbors are a little jealous, that’s OK too! 


We take pride on our ability to provide top-notch lawn care services throughout Nampa! We use industry-leading equipment and use only the safest products to guarantee the safety of you and your family. Get in touch with us today to experience the Organic Solutions difference!


Our Nampa lawn care services generally include the following. But, if you need something specific, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We have likely dealth with your situation in the past and can provide the service you want. 

  • Cleaning debris 
  • Mowing 
  • Edging 
  • Applying fertilizers 
  • Diagnosing of lawn care problems 

Moreover, if you want, we can also offer your services like overseeing as well as spring cleaning. This will improve the complete look of your lawn. 

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn, like everyone’s lawn, should be mowed on a regular schedule. A consistent schedule ensures you have the best lawn possible. Keeping a regular mowing schedule ensures you maintain the appropriate height to allow for most consistent moisture and nutrient intake. Our team manages all our lawn mowing tools and sharpens the blades regularly to ensure that the grass is cut properly and not torn. All of this combined means you get the best lawn possible for the least amount of effort on your part.


One of the most important parts of lawn health is fertilizing. However, there are many factors that you need to consider. The wrong type of fertilizer can make your garden burn and make it brown. When you think of picking a fertilizer, you need to look out for two kinds of them, one is known as a fast release, and the other is slow release. There are plenty of advantages of both in these. A fast release fertilizer will help your lawn green-up in the springtime, whereas the slow one would make it green up in summer. In case you notice any fertilizer burn in your garden, then fertilizer diluted with water will do the trick. Organic Solutions offers the best kind of fertilizers and can also help you with scheduled fertilization for a green summer lawn. 


We finish up the service by trimming and manicuring the edges. We can add patterns to your lawn as well. These are the touches that make all the difference. It’s what makes your home look like a professional is handling the mowing needs versus a DIYer. 

Spring Cleaning

After winter, your lawn likely needs a huge cleanup, especially if you did not take care of this in the fall. As soon as spring approaches, we are going to help you clean up all the leaves and debris. We will take care of all your problems and make your garden look fresh and ready for spring and summer! 


Overseeing helps your lawn look lush from summer all towards fall. Our team is an expert at overseeding, having done thousands upon thousands of projects throughout the years. Overseeding is a great practice when done correctly. If not, it is another opportunity to waste money in the pursuit of the perfect lawn. Hiring a lawn care company in Nampa will help you avoid these costly mistakes!


This may sound like an expensive job, but hiring professional lawn care services helps you take care of your yard and property more effectively. Call Organic Solutions in Nampa now and let us show you why this is the best choice! You’ll be glad you did.