Let’s face it, Idaho is, hands down, and utterly sensational place to live! It’s no wonder why so many people want to live here! Nobody know this better than the people who in and work in Nampa. If you are new to the area or have been a long time resident, we all love a beautiful lawn and garden. If you have ever shopped for a new home you’ve probably toured properties that look great but can’t compare to the neighbors and that’s primarily because of the lawn and landscaping features. If you would like to have a beautiful lawn but simply don’t have the DIY time or skills, call Organic Solutions today. We have been in Nampa for 20+ years so you can trust we know how to create the perfect Nampa landscape!


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Should you hire a professional to landscape your place or will you do it yourself? Regardless, this Landscaping Guide is the perfect spot to set out on your journey. Are you stuck on what it will take to begin your landscaping mission? See this DIY Network article to get your fill of innovative ideas. Focusing your time and attention to landscaping your property will greatly improve your curb appeal, but you get to enjoy so many financial, ecological, and health-related perks too! Below you’ll find some interesting links about the improvements you can expect with a landscaped lawn.:

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When you’re landscaping your workplace, you need everything to look perfect and work well with the other related features. It also needs to relay the feeling you want your visitors associate with your business. It’s what they will see first in many cases. Organic Solutions knows that landscaping demands for businesses and larger commercial spaces differ from those of the normal family backyard. We are very experienced in larger, commercial landscape spaces that other companies may not be able to handle. 

The landscaping specialists at Organic Solutions possess a wide range of skills and knowledge. Be it normal garden maintenance or complicated flora exhibitions, Organic Solutions is here to execute everything for you, offering a finished product that you won’t see anywhere else. We’ve assisted many firms in Nampa in building their dream landscapes and cannot wait to help turn your “normal” property into an elegant and posh outdoor showcase!


No matter how big your landscaping project is, the team at Organic Solutions has the skills and tools to handle it! We specialize in transforming spaces to fit your needs, whether it be at your home or business. Give us a call today for a free quote and to get started on your landscaping project!


Creating jealousy among your neighbors isn’t our goal, but it often comes with the result! Properly planned and executed landscape design that give you additional living space you didn’t have before. Why not take advantage of your outdoor living space? Professional landscaping is probably more affordable that you think, especially when you consider the same costs when done as a DIY project!

You will not regret hiring Organic Solutions as your landscape company in Nampa. We have long history of designing and creating beautiful outdoor spaces while keeping an eye on the budget. If it’s a beautiful outdoor space you crave, call us today!


When you design a space, you must consider various elements. Our skilled landscape design professionals are well-equipped to deal with nearly every scenario. Our objective is to transform your space into something very elegant and spacious and we have the experience to make this possible! Some of our capabilities in Nampa include:


Bushes, fountains, thick, lush grass, and trees; they’re just some tools to include when you’re landscaping your property in Nampa. We have skilled local designers to survey your property and make beautiful customized plans for you!


Dead, pale grass is so unattractive! This is why we use chemical-free fertilizers that are people and animal-friendly. With Organic Solutions you’ll have the lawn you’ve always wanted. 

Tree Services

Trees and plants work wonders to enhance your lawn’s visual appeal. But excessive growth can actually be a disaster that can be avoided with proper maintenance. We specialize in perfecting your current tree’s health plus adding or removing trees as necessary to beautifully landscape your space!

Sprinkler Services

You can have amazing fertilizing and seeding schedules, but if you don’t water your garden appropriately, it simply won’t be healthy. Our firm is known for installing the best sprinklers on the market and designing effective spray and coverage patterns. Read more about our services and differing water schedules for different gardens.

Lawn Mowing

It’s simple. Keep your garden well-watered and well-fertilized, and see how fast it grows! Now it’s time to get a regular mowing schedule established. Organic Solutions takes care of all your mowing needs. Regular mowing service means you just sit back and enjoy your yard while we handle the hard work!


Hiring a local landscaping company is a great idea. It means they have the local experience and expertise to deal with our unique needs in and around the Nampa area. Organic Solutions! Inc is the company to call in Nampa. We are licensed, insured and bonded meaning you can trust our team to take care of your landscape needs as if they were our own. We promise 100% satisfaction or we’ll make it right. Trust us to handle your landscaping design and building needs today!


The team at Organic Solutions is equipped and ready to handle your landscaping project in Nampa. Whether it be commercial or residential, big or small, we have the knowledge and expertise to turn your space into a beautiful landscape. Give us a call or click “Contact Us” below to get started with a free quote today!