Whether you’re a native to the Treasure Valley or have just gotten here, there’s one thing that everybody loves, and that is an amazing yard. We all love the look of a manicured lawn but not everybody knows how to make this possibility a reality. In Middleton, we have various types of soils. The different types of fertilizers, the amount you should use on your lawn, and the schedule you should follow are all things that can be difficult to know. Middleton has different fertilizer needs than Boise, just as Star has different fertilizer needs than Kuna. Each area of the Valley is unique. An experienced, professional lawn care company will come out to your home and assess the needs of your lawn. They will be able to come up with a care plan for your grass that they can take care of. If you follow through with this plan, your lawn will grow lush and vibrant in no time. You will have a lawn that your family and pets can enjoy through the spring, summer, and fall. the climate zone you are in as well as the temperature of the soil determines when you should start a fertilizing schedule. 


In Middleton, there are many different techniques utilized to properly fertilize a lawn. Also, there’s no universal fertilizer that works for every lawn. What you need depends on the type of grass and the type of soil you have. You can go to your local store and purchase any number of fertilizers in a bag and then rent or buy a spreader to help you finish the job with the knowledge you already possess. You can also go to the lawn care specialist and buy a bag of fertilizer that has been mixed with the specific needs of the Middleton area in mind. At this point you can also rent or buy a spreader to help you get the job done. The third option is to go to a lawn care specialist and have them work their magic. An experience the lawn care company will send out somebody to assess the needs of your lawn and come up with a maintenance routine for your lawn specifically based on the fertilization needs of the soil on your property.

 Once this is done, the company you hire can mix a special blend of fertilizer just for you based on what they find. This third option may come with a bigger price tag than the other two, but we believe the benefits outweigh the cost here. There are some hefty costs associated with using the wrong fertilizer on your lawn. The wrong fertilizer can easily kill your trees, grass, flowers and shrubs. It can actually burn your lawn, turning the grass yellow or brown. The wrong fertilizer will also leave your grass susceptible to disease and the infestation of insects. It’s easy to see why hiring a professional lawn care service is the better way to go. Not doing so can cause you to have to pay to undo the damage you do to your lawn by not properly fertilizing. Going the professional route can actually save you money in the end.


When you are in the process of deciding whether you’re going to use a professional company or do the job yourself, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Do I have the knowledge and skill to properly fertilize my lawn on my own?
  • Do I know what my lawn needs?
  • Do I know for a fact that the fertilizer I’m using will give me the results I desire?
  • Is the fertilizer I’m using safe for animals and people?
  • When should I apply more, and what amount should I use?
  • Do I know the relationship between the watering schedule and a fertilization schedule?
  • Do I know when I should water based upon the fertilization schedule?
  • Are there any damaging pests in my lawn?

 If you are unsure about any of these things, then you probably need to hire a professional. when you hire a team of lawn care specialists, it is usually because they have the knowledge and ability to take care of your lawn properly and give you the best, most desirable and possible.


Organic Solutions! Inc. relies on our specialty fertilizer that aerates the soil through the help of millions of tiny live microorganisms. Humates are included in every fertilizer application. This helps to break up soil made of clay and add much needed organic material to sandy soils. one of the best parts about our fertilizer is that it is not harmful to pets, people, or the environment. You could even use your lawn while we are applying the fertilizer.


If you have a lawn, then you need to fertilize it. You want to have the ideal levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for your lawn and plants to look their best. if the color of your lawn is off, then you need to have a professional come out and assess what’s wrong. Insect infestation is often indicated by discolored spots. Spots of discoloration can also mean that your trees need trimming or your sprinkler system needs to be managed.


There are many types of fertilizer on the market.been looking for your ideal fertilizer, here are a few types that you should consider.

  • Organic
  • Non-organic
  • Spray-on
  • Granular


When you are looking to hire a lawn care company, you usually consider the company’s reputation, the experience they bring, and the type of fertilizer they use. Looking at a company’s reviews online can help with the decision making process. If a lawn care company has been in business for a long time, they must be doing something right. It will benefit you to consider all of these things before handing over a control of your lawn care.