There’s a lot that goes into lawn care. A healthy lawn needs mowing, weed control, aeration, fertilization, watering, gardening, and removal of weeds and other debris. It can be a lot to handle. So if you’re looking for somebody to help you out with all of this, look no further than Organic Solutions, Inc! We are the local experts when it comes to taking care of your lawn. We would love to have a conversation with you about the advantages of using our services, what sets apart from the competition, and your lawn care needs. 

It is best to hire a lawn care service that is experienced, professional, and efficient in their work. One thing about a beautiful lawn is that it can lift your spirits, improve your outlook on life, and improve your mood. You want your lawn to be cared for in the right way so you can reap these benefits.


It would be a shame to spend your summer days taking care of your lawn instead of enjoying the outdoors like you should in Middleton. Idaho is such a beautiful place with lots of activities involving nature and the outdoors. Spend this time hiking, biking, floating the river, swimming, or strolling through one of our beautiful parks instead of pulling weeds, mowing, fertilizing, or other tasks related to your lawn. 

Lawn care as a service has evolved over the years just like many other industries. At Organic Solutions, Inc we employ new technology to fight pests, prepare for changing seasons, and make your lawn look it’s very best. We can turn your lawn into a lush, emerald oasis in a snap and you won’t have to worry about a thing or lift a finger (unless you count using your phone to call us!).


One sign that you need a lawn care service is grass that hasn’t greened up for the spring, is yellowing, or has dead or bare spots on it. Not only that, but if your yard work is taking over your weekend, then you probably need a specialist. We have the expertise and the tools to diagnose problems with your lawn and quickly fix them. There can be many causes for a dead or balding lawn. Some of these include pests, fertilizer burn, underwatering, or inadequate sunlight. While lawn care may not look like a science when you’re on the outside looking in, there is a lot of science involved. Understanding lawn care and it’s requirements takes trial and error and lots of research paired with expert advice. You will see your neighbors turn green with envy when they see how green your lawn is after Organic Solutions, Inc! 


If you want your lawn a gorgeous green and stay that way, then you need a long-term plan. We work closely with all our clients in a collaborative manner to create a plan that works for them and their needs and budget. We never tack on any extra fees or hidden costs. Whatever we do to your lawn, be it tree removal or insect control, we take every precaution to make sure that the area is safe for you, your family, and your pets. At Organic Solutions, Inc, we only use the safest lawn care products and techniques. Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work.


What is included in our general lawn care service? Well, it involves mowing, edging, application of fertilizer, clean up of debris, and a checkup of the overall health of your lawn. We also offer add-on services like spring cleanup of your lawn and overseeding.

Lawn Mowing

Ideally, a lawn should be mowed on a schedule which helps keep the grass at the correct length and create the best lawn possible. Lawn mowing is a precise endeavor. If the grass is cut too short, then it can stress out the roots and cause a “scalped lawn”. This causes grass to look brown and lifeless.

Most homeowners have to cut their lawn weekly to make sure it doesn’t get too tall. When you cut your lawn, it should only be cut about 1/3 of the length of the grass. It should not be cut when it is wet. We can help you set your watering schedule so that it doesn’t coincide with your mowing schedule. We also maintain our equipment so that the blades remain sharp to cut the grass rather than rip it.


Fertilizing is very important for the health of your lawn, but you need to take some things into consideration before you do it. There are different types of fertilizer, and the wrong type can cause fertilizer burn. We can help fertilize your lawn to make sure that there are no burns and we also offer a great selection of organic fertilizers that are safe for pets and children.


We finish every service routine with a nice trim around the edges to give your lawn a beautiful common manicured look.

Spring Cleaning

We will clean up your lawn after a long winter. This includes raking any left over leaves, removing debris and dead grass and thatch, and removing weeds. We also aerate the lawn, which helps the grass grow better.


We will overseed your lawn with a special mix of grass seed that thrives in the Middleton area. This will help your grass look more lush and full.


Caring for a lawn properly takes a lot of time and effort, and there are many reasons why a person may not be able to do it themselves. We offer convenience, safety, and professionalism. You can count on Organic Solutions Inc! for prompt, affordable service. Call us today at 208-884-8986!