Idaho is stunningly beautiful and this has contributed to an influx of people moving into the state to grab their own slice of heaven. For many homeowners, there is a discrepancy between how your yard looks and your ideal. That’s where Organic Solutions! Inc. comes in! Organic Solutions is undoubtedly the best landscaping service in Middleton.


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If you are unsure where to start on your landscaping adventure, check out this DIY Network article. This article will give you some great ideas for landscaping. There are many environmental, health, and economic benefits to making it a DIY project. Whether your plan is to do the landscaping yourself, or to hire somebody to do it for you, a great place to start is this Landscaper Resource Guide. Sometimes you just need to get your creative juices flowing in order to start a project. We also offer you our top five suggested resources for getting started.


We know that when it comes to your home or business, it is important for everything to look polished. The first thing that your potential clients see when they approach your building or office is the lawn mowing and landscaping. At Organic Solutions! Inc., we understand that for an office or business, you have needs greater than that of a regular backyard. We specialize in designing landscaping for bigger properties that are tailored to your specific needs. 

Our team of landscaping professionals have an array of tools at their fingertips. From stunning floral displays to basic landscaping, we can design and create your dream with a quality that is unmatched by the competition. We are eager to work to bring your vision for your business to life. We are capable of transforming a regular commercial lawn into a stunning new landscape. 


Organic Solutions! Inc. employs a number of seasoned Lawn Care professionals that have a wide array of tools at their disposal at all times. Whether you need residential or commercial Services, Organic Solutions! Inc. is standing at the ready. From simple lawn mowing to elaborate displays of flora, we can tackle any job. We do this with the precision and quality that remains unmatched by any of the competition out there.


Making our neighbors jealous is not the main goal, but it will happen regardless. This is because your lawn will be meticulously landscaped and beautifully executed. You will also be maximizing your outdoor living space. If you want to increase the resale value of your home, having a professional landscaper design and perfect your yard is one way to do it. 

You have come to the right place regardless of your reason for choosing a landscaping company. Organic Solutions! Inc. offers full-service landscaping. We are dedicated to fulfilling every homeowner’s desires. Plus, our prices won’t break the bank.


There are many aspects involved in landscaping, and our team fulfills them all. We have the knowledge and experience to achieve our goal, which is to leave you with an outdoor space of your dreams. 


From grass, trees, and shrubs to gazebos and fountains, the design of your landscape is one of the most important aspects to consider. We have a professional residential designer on staff to come out and look at your property and come up with a design that will make you happy.


Yellow or brown grass is ugly. We offer organic fertilizer options that are safe for your pets, family, and employees. Heads turn when a vibrant green lawn meets the eye. it’s true that your lawn will look great, but it’s also true that it will feel great when you run out to get the mail in your bare feet.

Tree Services

Trees are very aesthetically pleasing, especially when they’re worked into a landscape at a home or business. However they can also ruin a landscape by being too full or simply being in the wrong spot. Organic Solutions takes care of that by replanting, trimming, or complete removal.

Sprinkler Services

Even if you have the best fertilizer and grass seed working in your favor, if your lawn is not properly watered it simply won’t grow. We usually don’t get the right amount of water from rain here in Idaho. We offer both sprinkler system installation and repair to take care of the watering needs of your lawn. Check out our watering instruction page to see information on how to water different lawns and watering schedules.

Lawn Mowing 

When you water and fertilize your lawn properly it will grow fast. We offer quick and efficient lawn mowing services and can take care of the growth as it happens. 


Organic Solutions! Inc. is a fully licensed and insured Middleton landscaper. We will assess your property and offer you a FREE, fair, and accurate estimate. We stand by our quotes and will never tack on any additional fees or extras. It will please you to know that we have over 20 years of experience beautifying and working on Middleton properties just like yours. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work we do.


We are ready to transform your outdoor space into something spectacular. Regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, we at Organic Solutions! Inc. are ready to tackle it! We will bring the required experience, tools, and know-how to turn your dream into a reality. Give us a call or use the button below to get started today!