To promote overall health, it is important to trim trees and shrubs. However, if you don’t take care of your trees properly, their branches will get weak, and the structure and beauty of the tree will be damaged. Just like anything that grows, proper maintenance at the right time ensures the best result! If you have tree problems in Meridian, call the team at Organic Solutions today. Our experienced arborists will take care of all your tree related needs. 


  • Removal

  • Trimming

  • Injections

  • Insect Control

  • Fertilization

  • Installation


Correctly pruning trees and shrubs requires proper knowledge and technique in order to provide the best results. Our tree specialists have many years of experience and are experts in their field. We are passionate about taking care of trees in Meridian and understand the important role they play in your lawn and in our surroundings. 

If you’d prefer to DIY some of your tree care, here are a few handy resources: 


Most homeowners in Meridian think that tree-care is easy. They believe they can take care of their tree issues themselves. They may be correct in some cases. However, there are many situations that require the help of a professional. There are complex tree problems that one may not realize until it is too late. For instance, the weight of a tree can be quite deceiving. You must be careful when removing even small trees. When trees overgrow, they could end up creating problems down the road. While it sounds easy, working at heights with sharp tools can be very dangerous. When in doubt, call a professional tree company in Meridian.


While there are many reasons to hire a professional tree service, here are the two most common problems we see. Both of which can typically be handled by our team of arborists:


Your trees may become overgrown, which leads to encroachment. The branches of the trees pay overlap with your structure, business, and home.  They even may get tangled in power lines, which is very, very dangerous. As this is a highly hazardous situation, you require quick assistance from a professional tree company. 

Patchy Grass

While there are many reasons why grass may grow in patches, one of the more common reasons is excessive shade. Most grasses need plenty of sunlight to grow to its fullest. With excessive shade, the grass won’t grow at all. This is understandably upsetting. To overcome this problem, the offending trees would need to be significantly trimmed or removed completely. As a full-service landscaping company, Organic Solutions can help you determine which is best for you.

If either of this situations sound familiar, give us a call today!


Tree trimming and removal is vital the health of not just your trees, but for your home and yard as well. Untrimmed trees can cause the grass to die and insects to flourish, while trees growing too close to your home can damage utility lines and your foundation. The team at Organic Solutions has extensive experience with tree services in Meridian and offers free consultations to see where optimizations can be made!


When you work with Organic Solutions, you can expect from us:

  • Maintaining your trees so they live a long and healthy life 
  • Removing parts of trees strategically to help sunlight reach the inner sections of the tree, which helps it grow better 
  • Proper maintenance of all trees, including fruit trees 

Taking proper care of a tree can be a complex task. It becomes even more complex when you have multiple trees of different species. This makes it even more important to hire a local tree service in Meridian.


Keeping your trees properly maintained goes a long way toward keeping them healthy. If you want them to bear the most fruit possible, it’s critical to keep them healthy. Think of them as a plant. You would take care of it if you wanted it to produce to its maximum potential!


To clean up the look of your garden or yard, the removal of trees can play an important role. Some trees that have been added many years ago, don’t seem fit for your yard anymore, and they need to be removed as soon as possible an assortment of reasons. Sometimes, trees grow very close to power lines. They need to be removed before they cause any trouble or damage. We also haul away trees and clean the debris as much as possible. Organic Solution years of experience removing trees in Meridian.

Pest Control

Trees that have been infested by pests may end up sick or dead as a result. This could cost you thousands of dollars and potentially lead to losing your trees if not taken care of immediately.  Most people are not able to handle serious infestations. 


Do you have a question about your trees? We’ve probably been asked before. Here are just a few of our most frequently asked questions.

There may be many reasons to have a tree removed. The most common reason is a dead or dying tree. Dead trees are very hazardous to health and ought to be removed as soon as possible. 

You have two options for that, we can either take the tree with us, or you can keep it in case you want to do something with it. We are happy with both. 

There is no right time to remove a tree. It depends on the situation. For us, it is irrelevant. We will be there when you need us. What’s important is to remove a tree promptly that is causing issues to your home or business.

Not at all. Everyone has work and other things in life to manage. We only need to know where to go and what the problem is. We will take it from there. We can supply you with your estimate by phone or email once it is complete. 

We can’t say, it depends on the problem and your budget. Expensive may not be the word we are looking for. However,  it may be too costly according to the difficulty of the job. A very tall tree would cost more than a small one. A tree near a power line would be harder to deal with than one in an open property. 

It depends on the job the tree provides. A tree that provides shade would have different requirements that would a fruit tree.  We suggest annually, but again, it depends. It’s always best to have our team look at your particular situation and provide you with a specific answer.


In Meridian, Organic Solutions provides you with the best service, meaning you won’t have to worry about taking care of your trees anymore. Hiring us will make your life hassle-free, at least as far as trees are concerned!