Are you in search of yard care specialists? If you’re reading this, we assume you are! We are ready to help! Organic Solutions is well-known for specializing in all aspects of yard care. From trimming, planting, replanting, weeds, and all the “little” things that go with usual lawn maintenance.  We look forward to meeting you, catering to your specific requirements, showing you why Organic Solutions is unique from other firms and why choosing us is the right decision.


Meridian is an amazing city that is growing each and every day! With so much to do, you don’t want to waste your time landscaping your yard. If maintaining your lawn is taking a lot of your time that could be better spent visiting one of our amazing museums or floating the river, then it’s high time you hire a yard maintenance company.

Yard maintenance isn’t breaking news in the market. Although it has transformed over the years! Our professionals are now able to integrate technical advancements to beautify your garden, forecast potential hurdles, and prevent pest-attacks more efficiently. Organic Solutions is also well-equipped in handling numerous kinds of grass growing in Meridian to make sure we meet all the requirements of your yard.


It’s spring, and still, your yard has pale grass, doesn’t look vibrant or lively, has brown patches, or is consuming a lot of your time off, then you must contact a yard maintenance specialist right away. We can assist you in making your yard greener, more lush, and livelier quicker than you may expect! We’ve got the experience and skills for detecting the problems your yard is facing and can guide you in solving them too. Brown and lifeless patches in your garden might mean a need for fertilizing, lack of moisture in the soil, or even a lack of sun exposure. Though yard maintenance might not look something related to science, many of its most important components do in fact revolve around science. Understanding the science behind lawn maintenance needs vast experience and knowledge that comes from years of practice and observations. We aim to make your lawn your pride and joy while spending little to no time of your own. Our natural and chemical-free solutions will leave your neighbors envious.


Whether it’s fertilization, tree removal, or simple lawn mowing, we work closely with you to find a lawn care plan that fits your needs and budget. We strive for the utmost customer satisfaction with our work by offering the safest methods possible to protect you, your family, your home, and you business.


Our usual yard services consist of trimming, removing debris, fertilizing, and surveying the well-being of your garden. Our firm also offers more amenities, including over seeding and spring cleaning to make your lawn ready for summer.

Lawn Mowing

Yards should be trimmed regularly. The regularity contributes to developing healthy grass that is the perfect height- not very short nor very long. You might think that grass-trimming is an easy task, but in reality, there are many errors that could happen. “Scalped lawns” is when the yard is mowed too much and too low resulting in the grass turning brown and pale, ultimately looking dead. 

It’s recommended that grass be cut around a third of its height. This means you will have to mow on a regularly scheduled basis. Many people find they must trim their lawns each week to avoid their overgrowth. The grass shouldn’t be trimmed when it’s moist. Organic Solutions can assist you in developing your sprinkler schedules that ensure your grass is dry when it’s time for its mowing schedule. We also maintain a strict mower maintenance schedule to make sure the blades don’t become dull and can cut the grass rather than tearing it.


Working with a fertilizing company is very important to ensure your lawn’s well being. There is much to consider when it comes to fertilizing. Using the wrong kind of fertilizer can turn your lawn brown. making it unattractive and unhealthy. You must also choose the type of fertilizer to use. There are two options: fast release and slow release. Both come with benefits of their own and depend on your needs. Fast release fertilizer assists in greening up your yard as spring starts while slow-release ones are optimal to be used during summer months. You can also dilute the fertilizer with some water in case you see your garden having a fertilizer-burn. Our lawn care professionals will help you determine which is right for you. We can help avoid your garden getting burned by using the environment, people, and animal-friendly and chemical-free fertilizers. We stay on schedule as well to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year.


Our team finalizes all yard maintenance services by paying special attention to the final edging. This gives your lawn a more polished and refined look. And, if you are so inclined, we can also include special touches like diamond pattern mowing to make it stand out even further.

Spring Cleaning

As the Meridian winter passes by, it’s likely that your yard will have special needs to get ready for spring. Our services include spring cleaning to keep you from having to do all that work on your own. Our service includes raking your lawn to clear all the fallen leaves, twigs, bushes, and pale dead grasses.  After this, we will proceed to remove the weeds and de-thatch your lawn. After all that is done we move on to aeration. Aeration does wonders helping grass grow. Having the soil aerated helps all the moisture, oxygen, and nutrition be absorbed by the earth efficiently, resulting in healthier and lush grass with strong roots.


Over-seeding your yard is actually a widely used method for improving the appearance of your grass. We use a customized seed-mix developed to meet the climatic conditions of Meridian and blends amazingly well with your yard’s grass. We advise this be done during the spring. Your garden has to first be adequately oxygenated and watered after which we over-seed it. Over-seeding contributes to filling the empty patches within your yard, creating a lush lawn that stays healthy throughout summer and till fall.


To some homeowners, employing a specialized yard care company might look like a wasteful expenditure. But, you must understand that yard maintenance requires a lot of time and effort, something that is just not possible for everyone. Some of you who may wish to rest and relish their summertime will understand the value of hiring help to do your lawn-related maintenance. Hiring a specialist makes your life so much easier! There is nothing to worry about. Organic Solutions takes care of your yard from start to finish!