It isn’t news that Idaho is one of the most gorgeous states in America. Its mountainous regions and grassy fields are what attract people to reside in this area. Each family, after all, wishes to bask in the bliss of this city, something that’s well known by the locals of Meridian. If you are new to buying properties or a skilled player, you know just how important visual curb appeal is with the property you’ve purchased. You know we aren’t wrong when we say that when you purchase a house you always compare your lawn to your neighbor’s, after which there are at least a few alterations you start to consider. Now, you could always make the changes through creative DIYs, but where will you find the time? Fear not, for this is where Organic Solutions, Meridian’s best landscapers, come to the rescue!


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Landscape your home through DIY projects or hire a company to do it for you, check this landscaping guide, and set out on this mission! Are you confused about how to begin your landscaping journey? Head to the article from the DIY Network for some creative ideas! Landscaping doesn’t just make your space more charming, and it offers numerous environmental, monetary, and health-related advantages too. Read here. We agree they’re amazing guides, including how to start out your landscaping journey, especially when there are times you want the creativity flooding in. For more information, check out these best-suggested websites!

  1. Houzz
  2. Better Homes and Gardens
  3. Southern Living
  4. HGTV
  5. Country Living 


Your initial aim when landscaping for your business is to have each space looking elegant and as perfect as ever. Your lawn and the space around your building are essential and will create the “first impression” for many of your potential future clientele to observe. They can be quite influential when you’re targeting your potential market.

Organic Solutions realizes that landscaping for businesses and larger buildings need a little more consideration and efforts than residential areas. Our business specializes in planning and producing large-scale landscaping projects for firms and buildings and aims to cater to all your customized requirements and wishes, no matter the condition or size of your area.

Our landscaping specialists offer a wide range of knowledge and skills. Whether it’s general yard maintenance or elaborate flower garden, Organic Solutions will plan and execute the design unlike any of our competitors.

We have assisted various businesses in Meridian with transforming their properties into beautiful spaces. We look forward to helping you transform your commercial landscape into something unforgettable too!


The Meridian landscaping team at Organic Solutions has the knowledge and experience to handle landscaping projects of any size for your home or business. We’ve helped people all throughout Meridian and the Treasure Valley transform bland spaces into beautiful landscapes!


Aside from making the neighbors in your area jealous, a beautifully maintained lawn also helps in maximizing your exterior area, making your property comfortable to relax in by giving you more “livable space”. Hiring a landscaping specialist to design and maintain your lawn is actually among the most cost-efficient approaches to raise your property value.

If you choose us to landscape your yard, we’ll make sure you won’t regret it. Organic Solutions is a year-round landscape business to help home-owners and business owners in Meridian get their ideal outdoor living spaces while keeping the budget in mind.


You must consider various factors when planning to design your lawns. We aim to design breathtaking spaces as we have done many times in the past. Some of the services we offer in Meridian are:

Landscape Designing

Gazebos, fountains, birdhouses, and flora; they are just some of the focal points that help enhance the appearance of your yard. Our professionals in residential and commercial landscaping will inspect your property and develop a customized plan that includes all the additions needed.


Who prefers pale, dead grass…nobody, right? This is why we use chemical-free, organic fertilizers to ensure your family, friends, and pets are safe. You can rest easy knowing we put safety first when it comes to the ingredients we use to maintain your lawn.

Tree-related Services

Nearly all people agree that trees are an effective component to enhance the charm of your home. However, they can also prove to be disastrous if not maintained properly or are left to grow unchecked. Organic Solutions offers comprehensive tree services in Meridian.

Sprinkler Amenities

You can apply the right fertilizers and use high-quality seeds, but if you’re not watering your lawn properly, then your garden will not grow. We don’t just install sprinklers but also repair them for you so that your yard remains properly hydrated 24/7. View our watering guide for more information!

Mowing Your Lawn

Well-fertilized gardens with proper watering schedules are very beneficial. Fortunately for you, we offer some of the best lawn mowing services in Meridian to help you enjoy the beautiful lawn. Hiring Organic Solutions lets you sit back and relax!


Organic Solutions is completely licensed, insured and bonded. We have the experience and technical knowledge needed to meet every residential and commercial landscaping demand. We will first evaluate your home or building’s property and give you a FREE estimate. There are no hidden charges. We make sure you understand completely what we are proposing before we do any work! Our ultimate goal is to give you a great experience working with us and earn your trust and referrals!


We offer more than 20 years of knowledge and skills required to landscape and beautify your residences and businesses. Our ultimate aim is your satisfying experience throughout your time with us. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!