No matter if you’ve recently moved to Meridian or have been a long-time local, we all love one thing: a beautiful lawn and garden. Who doesn’t dream of having a well-maintained yard? Though acquiring one such lawn is harder than dreaming for one. Meridian has numerous kinds of soils. For this reason the type of fertilizing required by each yard varies too. Every space of the city has its distinct requirements to keep lawns looking their best. 

If you stop and compare your lawn to your neighbors you’ll likely see a difference. It most typically has to do with fertilizer. Are they taking the time to keep their lawn looking its best? Did they do it themselves or did they hire a fertilizing company in Meridian? Either way, a beautiful lawn does not typically occur by accident. It takes work! If you’re too busy to do it or simply don’t want to, never fear, that’s where Organic Solutions steps in!


We understand that there are numerous ways to get your yard effectively fertilized and fed in Meridian. You could head towards your neighborhood shop and purchase a bag of any normal yard fertilizer along with the purchase of a spreader. All you’ll then require is to put your time, efforts, and knowledge to determine the quantity and at what time you’ll have to put the fertilizer on your yard. 

The second option is that you reach out to a yard, maintaining expert to buy a pre-mixed bag of fertilizer, blended according to the typical requirements of Meridian’s soil, and then hire someone to spread it or purchase a spreader to fertilize your yard yourself. The third alternative you have is to contact a company specializing in yard maintenance. Schedule a visit and let them give you a recommendation based on your specific needs. 

This quantity will be precisely prescribed according to your lawn’s requirements. This alternative may cost you more but will offer you a better insight into your yard and its specific needs. Plus you are far more likely to get the results you want. The first two methods may work on some lawns, but not all. Save time and get it done right the first time.


You must consider numerous factors when deciding whether to take advantage of the benefits of hiring a fertilizing company for your lawn’s maintenance or just doing the work by yourself. Ask yourself these types of questions, “Do I have enough experience to do this the right way?” Or, “Do I know the actual needs of my yard or am I just guessing?” or “Am I sure that the kind of fertilizer I’m using will benefit the yard as I planned?” or “Is the fertilizer organic or not? Will it harm my family or pets?” and finally, “When and how much fertilizer must I apply to my lawn, and when must I water my yard- if I even should or not?” There are so many questions!!

You can even have other questions too! Like if you have any potential pest-threats that are harming your lawn. All these questions may confuse you beyond belief. This is why you’d eventually have to contact a yard maintenance business with expertise in fertilizing lawns in and around Meridian. Hiring a company like Organic Solutions means means you’re hiring their vast experience and skills. These skills are what help produce the most beautiful lawns around, making you the talk of the neighborhood. It’s important to do your “due diligence” when preparing to hire a company to fertilize your lawn. Hiring the wrong company could have devastating consequences!


Our lawn fertilizer is organic in nature and uses natural processes to to add the organic material you need to the sandy soil in Meridian. Best of all…you can use your lawn while we are applying the fertilizer. No need to wait as it is safe for your family, including your furry friends! Put our micro-organisms to work in your soil today!


What triggers you to think about fertilizing your lawn? For most of us, this varies, but the most important concept here is that if you have a lawn, you need fertilizer to keep it healthy! If you have a variety of plants you’ll need a variety of nutrition to keep them healthy. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are important parts of your soil. 

When you realize your yard doesn’t look the way you want it to is when most people start thinking about fertilizing. It’s important to contact a professional fertilizing company like Organic Solutions. We will test your soil to see which nutrients you need. Your lawn may even have pest invasions that may be harming it. The ideal lawn-care company will have specific knowledge in this area. They’ll know how to identify and solve these issues. 

When searching for a yard care-provider in Meridian, an essential point to look for is that the firm understands the requirements of your garden and has sufficient experience in catering to them. Not all fertilizing companies are created equal. Be a smart consumer and do your research before you hire a company to handle your fertilizing needs.


There are numerous approaches to fertilizing your lawns in Meridian. When searching for a way to maintain your yard, here are some aspects to contemplate.

  1. Organic based lawn fertilizer
  2. Non-organic based lawn fertilizer
  3. Liquid/spray fertilizer
  4. Granular fertilizer


There are certain factors you must consider when selecting which company in Meridian to use for all your lawn maintenance and fertilizing needs. Here are some questions…are they reputable? Which kind of fertilizers they utilize, as well as the level of specialization they offer? Searching for a firm’s referrals and customer experiences will help you understand what others have thought of their services in the past. This will assist you in determining how much of a priority the customer’s needs have been in the past. 

There are many, many firms that will visit your home or business and fertilize your lawn and garden. But, will they take the time to make sure you understand the process? Are they using products that require you to stay off the lawn for a period of time? But, there are also some firms that employ more staff and use pet-friendly fertilizers too. Therefore, knowing the type of chemicals that can be used in your lawn and garden is essential to making an educated decision. 

If a company has been around long enough, it’s likely they’ve done the right thing over time in order to stay in business! Hiring a long-term company with a proven track record offers you peace of mind. Organic Solutions has been fertilizing in Meridian for 20 years!