To maintain a beautiful home and garden, trimming shrubs and trees is very important. It promotes the health of the tree, ensures the safety, and managed the beauty. However, if you mishandle this situation, improper pruning can cause a weakened tree branch structure. In case the branches are cut incorrectly, it makes the suckers go into other directions and far away from parts that need the most hydration. As trees are a difficult thing to understand, you would need assurance of a well-educated tree-trimming expert. Now serving you in Kuna, Organic Solutions! Inc is the game-changer that you need. 


  • Removal

  • Trimming

  • Injections

  • Insect Control

  • Fertilization

  • Installation


To be able to prune trees and shrubs properly, it requires a great deal of knowledge about the species of trees and understands what would be the best practices for them. Furthermore, pruning also requires excellent commitment and staying up to date about everything.

Organic Solutions! Inc has a team of well-trained arborists who are number one in their respective job. They take care of trees like no one else in the city.  We know how impotent trees are at your home and for your complete landscape. Our team has skills as well as the right tools and types of equipment to prune all of your trees and shrubs exactly how the updated guidelines suggest in order to give them the best of health, safety, and appearance. 


In Kuna, most people believe it is easy to manage their lawns. Even though that is right, with the right skills, tools, time, and efforts, you can take care of your lawn, but you may prefer using the help of experts as they know their job and will make your life much easier.

Complex problems require a team of professionals as a job that may seem simple, holds a lot of risks. Excessive growth might lead to extensive problems. While trimming trees may sound like a simple job, until you find out about the dangers of it. You have to work with sharp tools on tall ladders at unsafe sites. This may be in it around your house and building.


We are going to tell you about some common signs that you need to check in order to call up a tree service like Organic Solutions! Inc. One of the most common reasons is the overgrowth of trees that causes encroachment over structures or tangles up in power lines. We should take this situation very seriously and act upon it as soon as possible. You should waste no time and call for professionals to help you with the problem. 

Another lighter problem is that sometimes the grass of your lawn may not grow properly. This can be caused by the shade given by the tree as we know that in lawn care, grass even needs plenty of sunlight to grow. To want a beautiful lawn,  trees should be trimmed to provide shade to the grass. In case the grass has brown spots or is going dead, you need to call up a tree service for help. They will come and remove much of the shade that is provided by the trees giving your lawn more sunlight to grow.


A properly pruned tree can truly make or break the appearance of your home or business. Trust the licensed professionals at Organic Solutions for all of your tree needs. Whether you need them trimmed or removed completely, no job is too big or small for us!



To keep your trees correctly managed can help you go a long way into keeping them healthy.  Our experts know how to strategically remove parts on trees that will eventually allow the internal sections of trees to gain more sunlight. Fruit trees need most of the proper maintenance of you to want to enjoy some delicious fruits. You have to surely keep them healthy. You should think of it as a plant. If you take full care of it, it will produce maximum potential.


To make your yard look and feel clean, you might need up to remove a few trees or relocate them as they must be harming the aesthetic. The trees that have been planted many years ago no longer look very pleasant to be kept in the garden or landscape. Trees that are close to power lines ought to be taken care of before they cause extreme damage. Organic Solutions! Inc. can cut down the trees and clean up the area as much as possible.

Pest Control

Trees can become infected with pests.  To fail to see a pest attack will make you lose plenty of your trees, even if not all.  Pests come in all forms and carry out different jobs and have to be dealt with differently, too. A professional would be able to notice that kind of infestation has happened and find a way to deal with it as well. You can not do this yourself, so do not attempt to do so either. Hiring a professional is going to save you thousands of dollars, and the sooner you do it,  the better.


Here are just a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question you don’t see here, please give us a call today!

There are many reasons you can get the tree removed, and the ideal one is when your tree is dying. A dying tree can be very, very harmful to death.

If you want, we can remove the tree or just leave it with you if you plan to do anything with it. That is your call.

There really isn’t a perfect time to cut a tree. Winter time tends to give us better visibility, but Spring also give us a better idea of growth, so we can determine where trimming needs to be done.

Nope, that’s the beauty of trees being outside! We get that life can be hectic, so we can always call back with your quote or complete or work while you do yours.

Everyone has a different understanding of the word expensive, so it’s hard to say. Costs can also vary greatly based on how big the tree is, the type of tree it is, its location, and much more. Give us a call for a free quote!

This depends on the kind of tree and what you’re expecting to yield from it. Large willows grown for shade rarely need pruning, but some trees used for landscaping purposes need more pruning than usual.


You shouldn’t take many risks in trying to maintain the trees in Kuna. Trees are an essential part of the landscape and play a great role in making your home a much better place to live in. Our team has knowledge, experience, and understanding about tree-trimming and will make sure to meet all your tree-trimming needs.