How do you retain the safety, health, and beauty of the trees on your property? The answer can be found in Organic Solutions! Inc. Proper tree and shrub trimming is the way to go. For best results, hire a professional. Improper pruning can cause cuts to heal improperly, a weakening of the branch structure, and encourage the growth of energy-diverting suckers (these take the energy away from the tree parts that most need it). When your trees need our help, we will be standing by to step in and get things done right for you and your trees. Our tree services include: installation, fertilization, injections, insect control, trimming, and removal.


  • Removal

  • Trimming

  • Injections

  • Insect Control

  • Fertilization

  • Installation


Why You Should Hire A Tree Service Company In Kuna

In many cases in Kuna, people think they can handle tree care all by themselves. Sometimes, they’re right about that. But the more complex a problem is, the more likely it is that you will need to hire a professional to do it for you, and the more important it is to do so. Overgrowth of trees leads to some big problems later on, and as easy as trimming trees sounds, there are several things to consider. There are the inherent dangers found in working with sharp objects while on ladders regardless of where you are.


There are lots of things to look for here. One reason to call a professional is your inability to grow grass. Since grass requires a significant amount of sunlight to flourish, check out your shade patterns. You may have spots in your lawn where the grass simply won’t grow. This is likely due to having too much shade and you may need to trim your trees back. Also look for exposed root systems growing mushrooms or other fungus, splitting or falling branches, and already fallen trees. Branches rubbing on or resting on your home are warning signs, and so is visible decay. Are your trees still blooming, or is one clearly dead? You need a professional. An unusually or newly leaning tree could fall at any time. Do your trees have longitudinal cracks, or cracks between two opposing branches? This is dangerous and you should probably call in the pros. If there are holes forming in the trunks of your trees, they are probably sustaining structural damage. Remember, trees are sturdy. These signs of wear and damage should serve as warnings to you that something needs to be done quick. Also, if a tree is too close to a sidewalk or power lines, it may need to be removed.


To properly prune trees and shrubs, you need to have an understanding of tree species and best practices for pruning. You also need to have a desire for and commitment to continued learning. At Organic Solutions! Inc, we employ the experts in tree care services. We also understand the importance of trees to your landscaping. Our arborists have the skills and equipment to properly manage all of your tree service needs according to the very latest guidelines for health, safety, and appearance.



For healthy trees that add value to your property, make sure they are properly trimmed and cared for-this goes a long way to improve appearance, health, and safety. When you strategically remove parts of your tree, it allows the grass underneath to grow fully and more evenly, as it receives the direct sunlight required for growth. It also increases the sunlight that penetrates to the inner portions of the tree for a fuller, more vibrant effect. A fruit tree especially needs proper care. Keeping a tree healthy will ensure that fruit trees bear the most fruit possible. To maximize a plant’s potential you have to keep it healthy. Think of your big trees as plants. 


A tree that needs to be removed is a danger to everyone who spends any time around it, as well as your property. Plus, selective removal of trees can add to the look and feel of your property and therefore add to the overall quality and value. Some trees may have been added a long time ago and no longer fit into your yard and may need to be removed for any number of reasons. Trees that are close to structures, power lines, or sidewalks will need to be removed sooner rather than later for safety and appearance. Our service includes hauling away the downed tree and cleaning up as much as possible, leaving very little for you to do on your own. 

Pest Control

Pests can be absolutely devastating to trees, and failing to recognize and treat these pest problems can cause the loss of many or all of the trees on your property very quickly. It takes a professional to do this, whether the pests are the boring type or the kind that feed on plants. This is not usually a DIY kind of project, since the ramifications of a botched job include losing thousands of dollars in recoup costs. 


Here are just a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question you don’t see here, please give us a call today!

There are many answers to this question. But the most obvious is when the tree is dead or dying. A dead tree is extremely hazardous and must be removed.

We are happy to remove the tree as part of our service or we can leave it with you if you have plans for it. It’s up to you!

There is no “perfect” time. It just depends on what you need done. There is an advantage to working without leaves on the tree because we have better visibility within the tree. However, it’s also beneficial to see the tree during the growing season to determine if the tree is in fact beyond saving.

No. We understand that everyone is busy with work and family. If we have a clear description of the problem, we can do a site visit and follow up with your estimate by phone or email.

It’s hard to say until we see the problem. Expensive is a relative term, but it becomes more costly the more complex the job becomes. Very tall or large trees cost more to remove than smaller trees. Trees that are difficult situations, like next to homes, cost more because it takes greater care to safely remove.

It depends on the type of tree and what you expect from it. A fruit tree has different requirements than a shade tree because they have different “jobs”. We recommend a minimum of once per year for most tree varieties, but again, there are many variables involved.


When it comes to maintaining your trees in Kuna, there is a lot on the line. Trees are an integral part of your curb appeal and landscape. Hiring a local Kuna Tree Service ensures that you have a team of professionals with local knowledge and experience on your side. This will give you the most desirable results.