The best lawn mowing services you can find in Kuna are those provided by Organic Solutions. Having your lawn mowed properly can keep your lard looking great from week to week. Our team will work with you to show up at a specific time every week and be ready to take your lawn to the next level every time. We are dedicated to precision and delivering you a great looking yard each week. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best looking grass on the street. Our mowing service ensures that you have beautiful grass every time we visit, without any of the hassle of doing it on your own. Lawn mowing is not a concern when you want to have friends over for an outside meal or when you are ready to play in the grass with your family, if you hire an Organic Solutions team. Let us take care of all of your Kuna lawn mowing needs and get healthier, better looking grass today.


Did you know that even though you are mowing and watering your lawn regularly, you may not be seeing the best possible results out of your efforts? At Organic Solutions of Kuna, we want to deliver the best results that we can-the type of results that you deserve. That is why we follow some of the mowing tips that can be found in the resources put together by Toro Mowers. This means that between their expertise and ours, you get the best results you can see every time we come to care for your lawn. 

Here at Organic Solutions, Inc!, we always check to be sure that:

  • Our blades are sharp, to maximize the effectiveness of the mowing we do. This also ensures that your grass will stay the healthiest from week to week. 
  • Our blades sit at the proper height so as to not stress the roots and thin the grass. We know that removing more than ⅓ of the blade of grass will cause a less healthy lawn. 
  • We are cutting in different patterns every time. We know that if we cut in the same pattern every time, we will cause ruts to form in your grass and it will begin to grow in just that direction. 

It is best to remember what having a properly mowed lawn means to you. There are some facts that Cornell University has laid out in their blog about keeping your lawn healthy and happy year round. To do this, avoid clumping the grass, increase watering in the summer, and decrease watering in the spring. Learn about more tips for lawn care in the blog here.


A freshly mowed lawn is just fantastic. It smells amazing, looks amazing, and the color of a perfectly mowed lawn is just unmatched. Organic Solutions is one of the highest rated companies for lawn mowing in the Kuna area, and our results show you why. Our customers just love the way their grass looks every week, and we can’t blame them.

One of the best parts about hiring a grass mowing company is that you never have to wonder if your grass is actually being taken care of and carefully maintained-you can tell just by looking! Plus, the job is not on your shoulders and you can still take pride in having the best looking grass on the block when you hire Organic Solutions; it really is the best choice for your Kuna lawn mowing solutions.


Many of our customers have given us top-notch ratings, and this is partly because we use the best equipment out there to manicure your lawn perfectly each time we visit. The best equipment lends to the thoroughly professional look you get after every time we come around.


When you hire Organic Solutions to care for your lawn, you are hiring the professionals. We work hard to be the best of the Kuna lawn care companies and we promise to always do the following:

  • Show up on time, bringing the right people and tools for the job
  • Bring employees who care about your lawn
  • Employ only those people who care about your needs and satisfaction and how you feel about their work
  • Give you fair and consistent pricing without any random changes
  • Show top quality every time we mow your lawn, leaving in it’s best possible condition. 

Our company takes the mowing and maintenance of your lawn very seriously. We want to be sure that every time you see your lawn, you are happy with the results and excited to have us back again for another go-around. We always want to make sure that you are happy you decided to hire Organic Solutions of Kuna. 


Professional lawn mowing is important to keep your yard looking its best! You need a contractor that takes care of your lawn on a regular basis. One that knows how to make your lawn look like it should…healthy and green! You should also expect to recapture hours of previously lost time. This is time you can spend doing things you’d rather do than mow your yard.

We typically like to mow a lawn once a week in the peak growing season. This keeps the lawn at the ideal height and a picture of health when properly watered.

That is always an option. Professional lawn mowing is for people in Kuna that are looking for something extra, something more than the normal lawn mowing. They are looking for a professional job with sharp edges while preserving their free time for their selves. If you enjoy mowing your yard and have time to do it, then by all means you should. But, if you want to spend your time doing other things, consider hiring a company like Organic Solutions, Inc!

All our lawn mowing services are guaranteed. If you find yourself unhappy with our work, simply give our office a call and we’ll come back out to address the issue. We take pride in our work and it shows.


We hope that you see the value in hiring Organic Solutions to be your lawn mowing team in Kuna. At the end of a long day at work or  long weekend of play, coming home to the sight of a perfectly mowed lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass can be such a joy. The patterns that the mowers make and the way the grass shimmers and shines in the sun is just delightful. And the best part of it all is that you have to put forth no effort to make this happen for your home every week. Our promise, as always, is to make sure that your experience with your Organic Solutions Kuna lawn mowing team is a glowing one, and one you will wish to repeat over and over. It should always be a perfect and amazing experience for you.