Your lawn is a key piece of your property. It is an oasis that conveys the message, “Yes, please admire the home behind me; come for a visit sometime!”. A lawn requires special care in order to maintain health and vitality. Lawn care is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal. A lush, green lawn comes from special nutrients in the soil, which are lost over time. 

The soil in the Kuna area is made up of high drainage clay loam with sand underneath it. This is the best type of soil for growing grass from seed, so you already have an edge. However, you still need to take care of the seed bed and make sure the lost nutrients are being replenished. Fertilizer is the food your lawn needs as much as water and sun.

There are financial benefits to fertilization as well. A nice soft green lawn can increase your property value. Fertilizing your lawn can also give you an extra line of defense against things like bad weather and damaging pests. Fertilizing is usually pretty cost effective and helps your grass grow quicker too. There are many options to choose from, including the “green” ones made without harsh dangerous chemicals. So you’ll be doing the earth a favor as a bonus.


There are options for you for lawn care. First, there is the do it yourself project. These types of endeavors have been gaining popularity across the board, thanks to companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot. DIY is also becoming more accessible to more people as there are more and more free training courses becoming available through retailers. People are now doing repairs and renovations on their own homes. This extends to gardening, landscaping, and lawn care as well.

The other option is hiring a professional. Many people put their trust in professionals to do a wide variety of home improvement projects, rather than taking stuff on for themselves. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option.  You may not be able to find a lawn care specialist in your area who you can trust. If you live in a small town, you may not be able to find one at all, except for the boy down the street. 

In some geographical areas, it may be difficult to decide which way you want to go with lawn fertilization. The reasons for this may be unavailability of products or services, pricing, or personal indecision. It may be difficult to decide which way to go no matter where you are. We will cover all this in the next section.


If you’re not up for a do it yourself, you can hire a pro. First, let’s talk about finances. Hiring a professional to fertilize your lawn incurs varying costs depending on your area and sometimes even your zip code. Taking the DIY route will cost you the price of the fertilizer and as much of your time as it takes to get the job done.

You may take pride in your project and feel good about the “outside time” you are getting. After all, lawn care is good exercise. But are you confident that you know enough to do a thorough and proper job? Can you afford the time? You may even need to keep spending if you don’t find the right solution at first, and still end up with lackluster results.

If not, then hiring a pro is the way to go. A professional can answer important questions such as: 

  • What time of the year should I fertilize?
  • Am I fertilizing too much?
  • How soon can I water my lawn after fertilization? 
  • What is the best fertilizer for my lawn?

Better than that, a pro can provide and execute the solutions to these questions so you have less to worry about. With professional care you can expect high-grade products and stellar results. 


Being the “green” choice is not the only reason why organic fertilizer is the best. You also have to consider the amount of trace nutrients in organic vs. synthetic fertilizer. Organic usually has more. Plus, it is also usually made up of plant and animal materials. Organic fertilizers also reduce the amount of pollution we are putting out into the environment. Synthetics do the opposite.


Bugs are everywhere! Not all of them are harmful to your grass. In Kuna, billbug beetles infest lawns and produce yellow or brown patches. These are usually not visible until mid to late summer. Another sign is fungus and what it does to your lawn. Fairy rings and rust both come from fungus. Fairy rings are patches of dead grass often with mushrooms growing all around.

Slower growth occurs when it is not growing season for your type of grass. When this is happening, it may be time to fertilize your lawn. You should also keep an eye out for thinning grass and weed infestations. The natural growth cycle of your lawn should help you or your professional to determine a fertilizing schedule. It may be once or twice a year or something else entirely. When the time comes, fertilize. 


As mentioned before, organic fertilizers are made up of plant and animal materials that contain a high amount of nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers are usually made up of one chemical or a compound element. There is a third type of fertilizer which may be less well known. This is complete fertilizer and it is made up of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which are the three main nutrients that grass needs. 

Bags of fertilizer have numbers on them called the NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) value. This is the fertilizer grade, or the percentage of nutrients the fertilizer has in it. These differ between fertilizers. There are also quick or fast release types as well as liquid or granular.


You should hire Organic Solutions, Inc! to be your lawn fertilizing contractor. We have all of the answers to your questions about schedules, types of fertilizers, watering, signs of a suffering lawn and more! Or if you don’t care to ask the questions we will simply take over and do it all for you. You won’t have to worry about your soil nutrient content, your pest infestations, or weather damage. When you hire Organic Solutions, Inc! you can expect results-driven care combined with knowledge and experience that can save you money and hassle in the long run. When you need to increase the value of your property, or simply save your valuable time, bring in the pros!