Kuna is growing steadily and it is easy to see why. Beautiful scenery, great location, and developing neighborhoods make it a very coveted place for families to put down roots in the Treasure Valley. With the population growth comes many homes that do not have the best landscaping possible, especially in new construction. Organic Solutions specializes in taking new yards and making them beautiful. From soil preparation to sod and sprinklers, we are here for you every step of the way. While you could do all this work yourself, it is more efficient and effective to have your landscaping professionally done by a company with decades of experience!


  • Maintenance

  • Organic Fertilizing

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Tree Service

  • Sprinkler Service


New to landscaping and unsure where to begin? Check out this DIY Network article! Here you can pick up some great ideas! Great landscaping is a fantastic way to spruce up your curb appeal. But, there are many health, environmental, and economic benefits to maintaining a great yard and garden as well! Check them out here. No matter if you are a DIY type or are planning on hiring out the work, this Landscaper Resource Guide also provides great tips to get your creative juices flowing! Here are our top five recommended sites to help further spark your creativity!

  1. Houzz
  2. Better Homes and Gardens
  3. Southern Living
  4. HGTV
  5. Country Living 


When done correctly, landscaping can say a lot about your home or business. Beautiful landscaping gives your home a look like no other. It welcomes visitors and makes an incredible first impression. The landscape around your business gives potential customers a sense of who your company is and whether they want to work with you or not. Organic Solutions specializes in first impressions! In Kuna, trust our team of expert landscapers to give your home or business the look you want.

Our team of expert landscapers have dealt with the soil, terrain, and climate in this area for decades. We know exactly what it takes to get the job done! From rock formations and hardscapes to beautiful floral displays, Organic Solutions can deliver. We have turned many Kuna homes in the oasis their owner’s only dreamed of. Let us do the same for you!


Organic Solutions! Inc’s group of landscape professionals have a tremendous array of tools and experience at our disposal. From simple lawn care to elaborate floral displays, Organic Solutions! Inc can design and create it for you with a measure of quality that’s unparalleled by the competition.

We’ve helped turn numerous properties in the Treasure Valley into gorgeous landscapes and are eager to transform your ordinary commercial lawn into a well-groomed landscape.


More than just making your neighbors jealous, a beautifully landscaped yard can maximize your outdoor living space and make your home feel like a castle. Having a professional landscaper design your yard is also one of the most cost-effective ways to raise the resale value of your home!

Whatever your reason for choosing professional landscaping, you came to the right place. At Organic Solutions! Inc, we are a full-service landscaping company dedicated to providing homeowners in Organic Solutions! Inc with the lawns of their dreams, at prices that won’t break the bank.


Landscaping is a broad term that encompasses many elements. When people think of landscapers, they tend to think about companies that take care of outdoor spaces. There is so much more than just mowing and trimming. In Kuna landscaping, Organic Solutions includes the following as part of our services.

Landscape Design

Where do you put trees, shrubs and decorative features to get the most out of them? Not just the best looking yard, but the most efficient as well. The right types of trees and shrubs make all the difference to how your lawn and garden look year after year. Our in-house designer comes to your home or business and walks through all of your desires to make sure you get exactly what you want.


Fertilizing is confusing. What kind do you use? How much do you use? Is this harmful to my family or pets? Having a safe and effective fertilization plan ensures your outdoor spaces look their best year round. Fertilizing can be a DIY project for those that are really disciplined and have the time to research. If that’s not you, we recommend hiring a Kuna fertilizing company like Organic Solutions.

Tree Services

Trees can turn a yard into an oasis! They can make a good yard great and a great yard incredible! However, when planted in the wrong place or poorly maintained, they can become a hazard. Keep your trees in check with professional tree services.

Sprinkler Services

In this dry and arid climate, we need water desperately. This is true of our lawns as well. Not just getting enough water but getting it at the right time on a consistent basis. Automatic sprinklers make our lives much easier. When installed correctly, your watering system will make sure you get even coverage at the right time each day. Combined with fertilizer and regular mowing gives you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

Lawn Mowing

Great fertilizing and the right amount of water will ensure you have a lush lawn all summer long. With this lush lawn comes the need for regular mowing. Our Kuna lawn mowing services keep your grass at the proper height to encourage maximum growth. See our Kuna lawn mowing page for more on this service!


At the end of the day you only have so much time. Each day only has 1,440 minutes for us to do all of the thing we have to do, plus the things we want to do. Save as many of those minutes as possible. Hiring Organic Solutions, Inc! for your Kuna landscaping projects means you can focus your attention on other things, like taking your kids hiking or playing golf! Our 40+ years of experience here in the Treasure Valley means we know how to deal with the local soil and climate. Call us today for a free on-site estimate. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!


If you are ready to get started on your dream landscape, call us today. Organic Solutions, Inc! is ready to make them a reality. Trust our experienced landscaping team to deliver every time! Call 208-884-8986 today or click the “contact us” button below. We look forward to meeting you!