The state your yard is in once fall hits is a great indication of how it will do through the winter. As the colder months can have an extreme impact on the health of the trees and shrubs in your landscape, knowing what preparation you need to complete will ultimately set them up for the best chance of survival (and beautiful blooming in the spring!).

Out with the Old

As summer wraps up, it can feel overwhelming when you start to think about needing to clean your yard for the colder months. Although it can seem like a lot at first, the better care you give to your yard now, the better it will be in the spring!

Boise tree trimming is the first step to getting the yard in tip-top shape for the coming season. Once your trees have gotten rid of all of their leaves, pruning them of their dead branches is a great way to increase their chances of survival over the winter. Once that is done, ensure you get rid of all the excess debris that you have created on the ground by raking it all onto a tarp to compost or burn. If that debris is left on the ground (along with the season’s pile of leaves) mice and other small critters will thrive – something no homeowner wants to deal with!

Check your trees to make sure they really are alive. If you can scrape the side of their bark to see green underneath, it is still alive. Alternatively, if you don’t see green, it might already be dead. Taking the time to dig up the tree now is easiest before it gets colder and the ground starts to freeze.

Maintaining the Yard Through the Fall Season

It’s important not to stop mowing your lawn just because the temperatures have started to get lower. Because you are already taking the time to prepare your lawn for the winter months, don’t refrain from doing one of the most important maintenance jobs for your landscape. As fall begins to transition into winter is when you want to lower your blades to get the lowest cut possible (this will encourage sunlight to penetrate further into the ground and prepare it for spring when the ground starts to thaw). On the other hand, it is also important not to mow too much before winter as it can halt growth completely of your grass – and the last thing we want is to kill it before spring! If the temperatures are already below 50 and/or your grass has stopped growing, do not keep mowing.

Weeding your garden is also an important practice during the fall. The more debris and weeds allowed to stay in your garden over the winter months, the more likely it is that insects and small critters will find their homes within it. Continue to water your garden when possible through the fall months to really prepare them for their dormancy during the winter. The cold can be especially hard on your vegetable garden, so putting the time in to prepare it is the best way to ensure it picks back up in the spring.

Prepare the Landscape for Winter

One thing many people forget to do during the fall that is crucial to the health of your grass is aeration. Aerating your lawn puts small holes into the soil that allows more water, air, and nutrients through to the roots of the grass. Doing so during the fall makes sure that the grass is fully prepared for the winter and increases the chances of a deep green healthy reveal in the spring when it starts to grow again. When people forget to aerate their lawn, the soil continues to compact and is unable to thrive like it would with more air.

Along with aeration, making sure to add good fertilizer to your grass, trees, and shrubs is a great way to add a boost to get them through the winter. Using a quality fertilizer with good watering will encourage stronger roots through colder months. Adding some good mulch around trees and plants as well will keep weeds at bay while preventing erosion of the soil around their bases. The colder temperatures will have a harder time penetrating another layer of mulch, another benefit to doing so.

Finding the Time for Your Fall Cleanup

It’s no surprise that getting through your fall cleanup list is not going to be easy (or quick) when you are doing it on your own. By hiring a professional Boise tree trimming company like Organic Solutions to take care of your list for you, you can save precious time and know that your lawn will be beautiful come springtime! Not only will you feel better about the quality finish you know you will receive, but you can also know that our expert team will be able to give you the best advice on how to maintain your yard through the winter.

Instead of spending the entire fall season trying to prepare your lawn, leave it up to the professionals! We can prep your landscape in no time at all by trimming trees, removing debris, aerating your lawn, and even providing mulch and fertilizer to encourage growth. Additionally, you won’t have to worry that the wrong trees are being pruned for the season, as our expert arborists are well-versed in the best tree care for Boise. Your lawn will be ready for the winter months and you will feel comforted knowing you never had to lift a finger for the perfect spring lawn.

If you do decide to take care of your lawn on your own, don’t feel like you must do it all at once! Space out the tasks you must complete for your landscape and understand that you can always call on Organic Solutions to wrap it up for you if you run out of time. If you have any questions about how to properly prepare your lawn for the fall, give us a call!