In our blog we have discussed some of the common weeds such as crabgrass and annual bluegrass weed and today we are going to tackle some really creepy weeds.  By creepy we mean those weeds that creep through your lawn such as chickweed, creeping speedwell, mugwort, bindweed and creeping Charlie (also called ground ivy or other name depending on region).  These creepy weeds can cause some major frustration because they are especially fast spreading and come back year after year.  Besides the annoyance factor, what you may not realize is that when these type of weeds are thriving in your lawn or garden it generally means you have more problems than you realize.

These creeping weeds as well as other weeds are opportunists which means that they will take advantage of any weakness in your turf grass, especially any thinning grass or bare patches.  They also thrive in nutrient poor soil.  The best solution to weeds is to keep your soil and your lawn as healthy as possible.  At Organic Solutions! Inc., we don’t just treat weeds because we recognize the importance of healthy soil for a healthy lawn.  A healthy lawn will grow in thick and dense and be able to resist the growth of weeds and other turf diseases. 

Herbicides are helpful against the creepy weed varieties when they have already begun to grow but in the long run it won’t keep them from coming back.  Preemergents can also help keep these creepy weeds from germinating but because of the nature of these creepy weeds you will need more than one treatment and it will work better in combination with a good fertilization schedule.  

Your best defense against these prolific creeping weeds is to eliminate them as soon as you see them by pulling them or cutting them off at the soil level and then concentrate on improving the health of your lawn.

Some recommendations for combating weeds is to raise the mower height to 2.5 to 3 inches, longer grass makes it harder for sunlight to nourish weeds and it also produces healthier grass.  Besides mowing height make sure that you are also irrigating properly, meaning deeply and infrequently, and increase soil fertility through the application of fertilizer.  All of these steps will discourage weed growth.

If your Idaho lawn or garden is being overrun by weeds of the creepy variety and you would like assistance in eliminating them, contact us for a free estimate on our services.  We can be reached by phone, 208-884-8986 or by email,

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