Statistics show that currently one of out every five Americans live in neighborhoods that are under the rules and regulations set forth by a Homeowners Association (HOA).  HOA’s were formed in the 1960’s as private homeowners sought to preserve the quality and integrity of their housing developments.  Most of those who live in community’s with HOA’s are happy with the protection of home values and curb appeal that the HOA provides.  But there are those who have had negative run-ins and felt that their HOA overstepped their bounds and abused their power.  
Typically an HOA is formed by a developer of a neighborhood and as people buy homes within that community they join this association through a legally binding contract when they buy their home.  The rules by which the HOA are governed are contained within the CC&R’s (covenants, conditions, and restrictions).  These rules are not voluntary but as a homeowner you are legally obligated to follow them.  The rules that are found in the CC&R’s cannot violate state or federal laws regarding fair housing and access.  But they can determine what color you paint your home, what kind of fence you can use to enclose your backyard, and even the size of flag you can fly and how it is displayed.
So what happens if you decide to ignore the rules that are within your neighborhood CC&R’s? For example, what if you decided you didn’t want to mow your lawn anymore, what can you HOA do about it?
The HOA is responsible for enforcing the rules in the CC&R’s and if the rules state that your lawn cannot be more than 6 inches in height and you violate that rule they can take action to remedy the situation.  All HOA’s have procedures in place to deal with rule violations.  Usually the process begins with a notice from the HOA regarding the violation and a time frame in which the violation must be dealt with.  They usually provide several written warnings and give ample time before they move onto more drastic measures which can include suspending neighborhood privileges, fines, prosecution, and foreclosure proceedings.
Some HOA’s even have the power to resolve the issue at the homeowners expense.  Meaning that the HOA could hire a lawn care company to mow a lawn of a property owner who is not in compliance and that property owner would legally be required to pay the bill, which usually amounts to four or five times what a typical mow job would cost.
Sometimes HOA’s are seen as intrusive but the CC&R’s of a neighborhood are mean to protect each individual property owner and the value of their property.  One house in disarray can lower the value for the whole neighborhood.
At Organic Solutions! Inc., we understand the value in having a well maintained lawn.  We offer a wide range of services that can be customized to fit your needs and fulfill the requirements of your HOA.
Some of our services include:
Weekly lawn mowing which includes trimming, edging, and blowing;
Fertilization and weed control packages
Spring and fall clean-up, weeding, trimming, etc.
Tree care and maintenance
Insect Control
Sprinkler Turn-ons, blow-outs, repairs, and maintenance
Landscape design and installation
Snow removal
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