Anytime you hear the word organic, most people think of free of chemicals, safe for people and pets, good for the environment. Those people are right! Using an organic based fertilizer means you are giving your lawn all the nutrition it needs while keeping those you care about safe from things that may harm them. There are many benefits of using organic fertilizers. Here are a few of the major reasons to use them!

Organic Fertilizer Saves Money

Your lawn, and everything in your lawn, depends on the health of your soil to grow healthy and strong. Lawns that have been chemically treated are less capable of growing a healthy lawn without continually adding these chemicals. It essentially becomes addicted to them. An organically fertilized lawn does not depend on external chemicals to create a platform for your grass, shrubs, plants and trees to grow. Without this addiction to feed, you save money! Organic fertilizers also tend to need less watering, meaning your summertime sprinkler bill will benefit greatly from using natural compounds.

Saves Time as Well

A lush lawn that is organically fed will need to be mowed on a regular basis. But it won’t require nearly as much as before when it lived on chemical fertilizers. It will be important to keep the height of your grass at its optimal length to ensure the organic material best serves its purpose. Cutting it too short will hurt its ability to give you the lawn you want. So, spend less time mowing and more time enjoying your lawn.

Your Lawn is Alive!

You may already realize that your grass, plants, shrubs and trees are alive, but your soil is living thing as well. It’s an ecosystem all to itself! There are vital minerals and organic materials, along with water and air that combine to create the perfect mixture for life. Don’t forget about the insects and worms that we can’t always see that depends on the soil for life as well. Providing a chemical based food hurts their ability to perform their very important jobs as well.

Trust an Organic Fertilizing Company in Your City

There will be many companies touting their ability to provide the best organic fertilizer available. Your job is to determine which one is right for you and your lawn. Do the research. Read their reviews. Ask for references. The right organic fertilization company will have all of this plus more! You can trust them to create a beautiful green space around your home or business while keeping the chemicals out of the equation!