As August begins to wind down and our thoughts turn to fall, it is a good time to work on maintaining your lawn so that it will be healthy and better able to endure the cold months ahead.
Tips for maintaining a healthy lawn:
Watch for weeds – pulling weeds when you first notice them will not only help prevent more weeds but will also keep the weeds from sapping your lawn of the nutrients and moisture that it needs.  If weeds are an issue there are herbicides that can be used in cooler weather or consider a fall preemergent to help reduce seeds in the spring.
Mow properly – maintain a high setting on your lawn mower through these last warm days of summer will keep the tender blades shaded and reduce evaporation of water.  Do not mow grass if it is really dry as this will stress out your lawn even more.
Water – Water deeply and infrequently.  As the nights begin to cool, you can drop your watering to 3 times a week.  Make sure you water in the morning to avoid loss to evaporation and provide more water to the roots.
Fertilize – Adding fertilizer will help the health or your soil and your lawn and give it the best chance for making it through the winter.  Make sure you avoid applying fertilizer on those hot August days that reach over 85 degrees.
Grasscycle – Consider keeping the clippings on the lawn rather than carting them away.  The nutrients in the clippings will not only feed the roots but help to keep moisture in the soil.
Seed – Sprinkle grass seed in bare patches and areas that don’t seem to be thriving.  You will need to make sure that the seed gets plenty of water, watering daily until it sprouts.

Keeping a lawn healthy and beautiful requires consistency and vigilance.  At Organic Solutions! Inc, we have been in the business of providing excellent lawn care services since 2000.  If you would like to receive a free estimate on weekly mowing, lawn fertilization and weed control, sprinkler installation and repair, and/or seeding, please contact us, by phone, 208-884-8986, or by email,

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