No matter if you are a new resident in Eagle or you have have lived here for many years, there is one thing we all strive to have…a gorgeous lawn. Come on, who doesn’t love a well-maintained and vibrant yard, right? However, few know how to accomplish this task efficiently. You can find numerous kinds of soil in the Eagle area. Because of this, knowing how much fertilizer to apply and planning fertilizing schedules varies for each region according to their distinct requirements. When a specialist surveys your property, they need the skills and knowledge to develop effective fertilizing plans plans to help your lawn become the highlight of your block. A healthy and lively lawn will have your family and pets outdoors more enjoying the weather.


There are numerous methods and processes you can use to apply fertilizer on your Eagle lawn and garden. The first option…you can head to your nearby box store and get a bag of basic garden fertilizer. Then, you can purchase or borrow a spreader to use. Finally you’ll dedicate some of your precious free time, effort, and skills in deciding the right mix and quantity of fertilizer you must apply. The second option is that you reach out to lawn and garden maintenance professionals to buy a pre-mixed fertilizer blended to meet the basic requirements of the soil in the Eagle area. Then, once again, you can buy or borrow a spreader and fertilize your yard by yourself. The third and final alternative is that you employ a company specialized in yard care services, get them to survey your property, and develop a fertilizing-blend to specifically cater to the demands of your lawn.  Although the last alternative might require more of a financial investment, it comes with greater returns too. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing the investment you’re making will give you the optimal results, based solely on your yard. 


There are so many factors to consider when you are thinking about hiring a fertilizing company versus doing this work yourself. The questions that come to mind should include; do they have the experience you expect from a fertilizing company in Eagle? Also, are you completely sure the DIY project you have undertaken will be successful while being people and pet friendly? Furthermore, you must also plan for the time it will require and consider what else you could be doing. Do you know how much fertilizer to use? Too much or too little can be detrimental to your lawn. Any confusion might also comprise your watering timetable according to the fertilizing compounds you decided to use. In case you’re unable to answer such questions or your answers tend to be ‘no,’ then trust Organic Solutions to take over the fertilizing process for you. Save time, save money, save your frustrations! 


Keep your lawn looking lush and green with our Eagle lawn fertilization services! Nobody likes a yellow lawn or the disapproving looks from our neighbors, or worse, your HOA. The team at Organic Solutions has the tools and the knowledge to remedy any dying lawn or keep a healthy lawn looking great! Contact us today for a free quote.


How do you know when it’s time to fertilize? That’s a great question that very few novices can answer. Are there indicators to look for? One thing is for sure, if you own property, there’s a good chance you’ll need to fertilize the grass at some point! Various floras require different nutrition, and if your soil lacks an adequate amount of potassium, nitrogen, or phosphorus, then your grass won’t appear to be as healthy and lush as it can. In case your garden doesn’t look as vibrant as you wish for, then you must get your soil tested by a professional and assess its nutrient levels. You may also have to look for the presence of pests that may be damaging your lawn. An experienced and professional lawn maintenance firm understands all the problems your yard may encounter. In case your garden has brown or dead spaces, it may be either due to pest-invasions or those areas not receiving enough water. If it’s the latter, you’ll need to adjust your sprinkler a little. Just understand that the perfect lawn care and maintenance firm in Eagle will be familiar with the requirements of your yard. They have sufficient skills to know what actions to take to cater to all needs and solve every issue. 


There are numerous methods and types of fertilizers you can use in your Eagle neighborhood that you must be aware of beforehand. Choosing the wrong one at the wrong time can waste your money, leading to further frustrations. Also, it is impossible to get back that time you wasted using the wrong mixture. You may have to wait until next summer. Nobody wants that. 

Consider the following options. Do you know which one is best for your property?

  1. Chemical-free fertilizers
  2. Non-organic fertilizers
  3. Powdered Fertilizers
  4. Liquid or spray fertilizers


There are many old “wives tales” about the best time. One of the typical scientific answers is after the land’s temperature rises to or higher than 55 degrees on a consistent basis. You can always call Organic Solutions and ask too! We love to help. 

Specialists normally suggest fertilizing 4 to 5 times within a year. The first time must be in spring after the land’s temperature gets higher than 55 degrees, followed by once every 4 to 6 weeks. You should follow this routine until October when there are changes in the climate as well as your plant’s life cycle. 

The alphabets represent the quantity of Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. The amounts in your fertilizer-mix must vary with the requirements of your garden. To know what your soil needs, you can get it tested from a local lawn maintenance and fertilizing company. They’ll know how to get exactly what you need. 

This varies with what the brand of the fertilizer you’re using. Many labels of powdered fertilizers suggest that you add water in the fertilizer itself while some labels advise that you water after a day or two.  You also have the choice of getting a local Eagle fertilizing company to feed your lawn and offer you suggestions for a watering schedule based on the requirements of your property. 


You must think about various elements when deciding which local yard maintenance firm in Eagle to design your lawn’s maintenance and fertilizing schedule. It’s recommended that you check out their reviews, get references from other Eagle homeowners, find out what kind of fertilizer they utilize, and the total skill-set and years of experience they have. Find out if they work with products that are people and pet friendly. Are they experts in the local soil conditions? Again, asking for reviews and references will go a long way to answering many of these questions. Why hire a company that is not experienced with Eagle soil types if you don’t have to? You don’t. Call Organic Solutions today to schedule an on-site visit.