If you are looking for professionals that can take special care of your lawn, we are here for you. Organic Solutions is one of the most experienced lawn care companies in the valley. We offer a variety of services including general yard care, gardening, weed control, lawn mowing, removal of leaves, and lawn aeration, among other things! Our performance is what distinguishes us from our competition, and we would love to meet you and fulfill all your lawn care needs and desires!


Eagle is beautiful place to live, and summer makes it even better. Nobody wants to work on their lawn during the long hot days. It’s tough work and takes a lot of time! If you want to save all that time, especially on weekends, consider hiring a lawn care company to manage your yard and garden. Leave your time to go hiking, floating the river, strolling in the park, or enjoying time with your family!

Contrary to popular belief, lawn care is not just a service anymore. It has evolved similarly to several other industries. Our expert team at Organic Solutions uses state-of-the-art technology to improve the overall look of your yard and prepare it for any unforeseen situations such as seasonal challenges and pest attacks. We are highly experienced in managing different kinds of common grasses throughout the Eagle area. We make sure to meet the requirements of your specific type of lawn.


There are plenty of indicators available to help you decide if you need professional help. For instance, if your lawn has bare or dead spots, does not green up in spring, or simply consumes all of your weekends, you probably should hire lawn care professionals to handle everything for you. Professionals can make your lawn beautiful, lush, and green quickly while saving your time for what you want. We have the necessary experience to find all the problems in your lawn and fix them as soon as possible. For instance, there can be a variety of reasons for a dead or bare spot, including fertilizer burn, under-watering, or insufficient sunlight. So, determining the root of the issue involves science and often includes years of research. We’ve done the trial and error so you don’t have to. We want to help you be proud of your lawn without any of the hard work. Organic Solutions will make your lawn the best looking yard in the neighborhood!


We work with our customers to develop a lawn maintenance plan that fits their needs and budget, and we never add on extra charges or fees. From sprinklers to tree service, we take every step to protect you and yours. We only use industry-approved products and methods. Our goal is to provide the best customer satisfaction in all of our work.


With Organic Solutions, you get multiple services such as 

  • Mowing
  • Cleaning up the debris
  • Applying fertilizers
  • Edging
  • Check the overall health of the lawn
  • Overseeding
  • Spring clean up

And much more!

Lawn Mowing

Ideally, lawns should be mowed on a regular basis. Not only does it create the lawn in the best possible lawn, but it also gives the grass a good and healthy height without getting too long or too short. Although some might think that mowing a lawn is an easy task, it is absolutely not as there are many things that can go wrong. For instance, going to short will lead to a “scalped” lawn that ends up brown. 

It is essential that the grass is mowed down 1/3 of its height. Keeping the grass at this height will require you to cut the grass more often to keep it neat and tidy. Generally, homeowners consider cutting down the grass on a weekly basis to prevent it from growing too long. Also, make sure that you do not cut the grass when it is wet as it makes it difficult to maintain a consistent height. We will help you set the schedule for the sprinklers to ensure that when it is time to mow, it is not wet from the sprinklers. Also, we make sure that our lawn equipment is always well-maintained so that the blades are always sharp. This allows the grass to be cut properly and does not tear it.


Fertilizing the yard is one of the most crucial parts of keeping the lawn in good health, but there are a lot of things that you need to consider too. The wrong type of fertilizer will turn the lawn brown due to fertilizer burn. When selecting a fertilizer, you typically see these two types:

  1. Fast-release and
  2. Slow-release.

Both of these have their own advantages and schedule according to we utilize them. A slow-release fertilizer is best if you are going into summer, whereas a fast-release fertilizer allows the lawn to green up at the start of spring. Also, diluting the fertilizer with water is a great way of minimizing the effects of a fertilizer burn caused by the fertilizer on the lawn. Our team of professionals makes sure that your lawn does not receive any fertilizer burns and also offer our own organic fertilizers that are children and pet-friendly. We will follow the most efficient fertilizer schedule in our services to make sure that the grass is greener than ever all summer long.


We provide our customers with the perfect finish, trimming the edges clean to give it a clean and sharp look that stands out!. We can also add a beautiful design to the lawn by mowing it in a diamond shape to make it look even more classy and beautiful.

Spring Cleaning

Once the cold Eagle winter is over, your lawn will need some service for the upcoming spring season. Our crew will do all this work for you and make your lawn ready for the new season with all the cleaning service done. We will remove any debris, rake the yard, clean the lawn of any leftover leaves, dead grass, and branches. After all of this is done, we will continue by removing weeds, any thatch, dead or dry grass patches on the lawn. Furthermore, we will aerate the lawn by removing tiny plugs of soil with our unique equipment. This will allow the grass to have a healthy growth and penetrate water, air, and nutrients to go deep within the soil to make the lawn greener and denser with stronger roots.


If you want to improve the overall look of the lawn, overseeding is a very common and excellent technique for it. We will use a customized seed mix that will comfortably grow in Eagle’s unique climate and mix well with your lawn as well. The process is fairly simple. We will put a second layer of seeds on the lawn during spring. These seeds will spread once the lawn is watered and aerated. It will then help fill up your lawn and make it look much more lush and green that will last all season long.


Some homeowners may think that hiring a professional lawn care company is a waste of money and an unnecessary expense. However, that is not the truth. Maintaining a beautiful lawn is not an easy task and takes a lot of effort and time. People who want to enjoy their time, or are not physically able to take care of their lawn, truly see the value of hiring a lawn care company. There are several benefits of having professionals do the work for you. The biggest ones being that you don’t have to buy the equipment yourself, spend your weekends on maintenance, and deal with the other aspects involved in keeping the lawn in perfect condition!