Idaho is one of the most aesthetic localities of the United States. It’s beautiful here! This is one reason why so many people want to move here. They wish to live in their own safe havens- something that the locals of Eagle know and are proud of. One factor to consider, whether you are new to the area or have been in Eagle for many years, is the significant role your home’s landscape plays. When looking for a home, there are many times you’re shown one home, but can’t help but notice the neighbor’s yard.  There are so many modifications you wish to make. You can make those changes yourself, but really, who’s got that much time at hand? This is when you call Organic Solutions!


  • Maintenance

  • Organic Fertilizing

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Tree Service

  • Sprinkler Service


We agree landscaping is amazing for beautifying your space, but it can offer you numerous health, environment-related, and cost-effective advantages too! Click here to see them. Be if you want to attempt it yourself or hire subcontractors to do it for you, check out this resource; Landscaping Source Manual is contains a lot of great information! Confused about where to start for your landscaping journey? Head to the Do-it-yourself Network article to get innovative ideas!

There are many, many places to get not only inspiration, but actual direction for making these landscaping changes you desire. Here are the top five suggested websites to assist you along the way! They contain a lot of great information for people of all abilities.

  1. Houzz
  2. Better Homes and Gardens
  3. Southern Living
  4. HGTV
  5. Country Living 


While landscaping your workplace, you prefer having every area of your space to look flawless. It says something about your business! The landscaping surrounding your work space is the main element your future clients or investors analyze as they approach your office or store for the first time. This could have a lasting impact.

Organic Solutions realizes that landscaping for small and large commercial buildings requires a different approach compared to the normal backyard. Hence, we specialize in planning and developing large-scale landscapes to cater to all your requirements, no matter the scale or area.

Our firm’s landscaping specialists are true professionals in their field. Be it a grassy area design or detailed flower arrangement, Organic Solutions will gladly plan and carry everything out for you, all the while offering quality that’s unmatched and unbeatable by our competition.

We have worked with various companies in and around Eagle. We have been integral in developing beautiful landscapes and are looking forward to modifying your typical workplace lawns with well-maintained and easy to care for alternatives.


Organic Solutions’ group of landscaping pros have a huge array of tools and experience. Whether it’s simple lawn care or an innovative project, we can design and create it for you with a quality that outpaces the competition.

We’ve helped turn many properties in Eagle into beautiful landscapes and are excited to change your space into an amazing space for you and your family.


An aesthetically decorated lawn and green area not only makes other residents of your area envious but also increases your outside living area. When done correctly, great landscaping makes your home look more spacious. Our expert landscapers can help restructure your lawn in cost-efficient and effective ways while boosting the value of your property too!

Calling our team is the best landscaping decision you can make. A call to Organic Solutions starts the process. We are committed to offering home and business owners in Eagle the opportunity to turn their lawns into the beautiful landscaped escape they’ve always wanted. On-time and on-budget.


Landscaping comes with numerous components. Our team can handle them all! Our mission includes creating appealing spaces in the Eagle area. Our experience assures you we can handle projects of any size and scope. Some of the services we offer in Eagle include:


Trees, bushes, healthy grasses, and fountains; they’re some of the best tools available to enhance the visual appeal of your landscape in Eagle. Our local designers integrate all of these tools to get you the best result possible. 


No one likes pale, dead grass, right? To avoid this, Organic Solutions offers chemical-free fertilizing- a secure option for your family, friends, and even your pets. Now, you can impress everyone with a lawn so lush and vibrant that it leaves you feeling full of pride.

Tree Services

We agree that trees help enhance the visuals of any space. But, they also have the potential of ruining it due to their over-growth, or if they’re planted somewhere they’re not needed. We can ensure this doesn’t happen. This is why we offer services including planting, trimming, and removal of trees.

Sprinkler Services

Your lawns don’t just need quality fertilizers and seeds to grow. Most importantly, it needs an efficient and timely watering schedule. Our firm not only installs effective sprinkler systems but also offers repair services to make sure your lawn remains adequately watered. Visit our watering guideline page to learn more.  

Lawn Mowing

A well-maintained lawn with regular watering and fertilizing schedules is sure to grow beautifully. Organic Solutions offers lawn care and lawn mowing services to residents throughout the Treasure Valley. Regular lawn mowing is a great way to show off a beautiful yard!


Organic Solutions is licensed and insured. We are very experienced in the Eagle area as well. We can handle landscaping projects from the smallest addition to the largest features.  Call us today to schedule a free estimate and we’ll be happy to walk you through all the reasons why Organic Solutions is right for your project. Put our decades of experience to work for your Eagle home or business today. You’ll be glad you called a professional landscaping company!


Ready to transform your outdoor space into a thing of beauty. No matter if the job is residential or commercial, the team at Organic Solutions can handle it! We’ll bring the tools, knowledge, and experience to make your dream a reality! Give us a call or use the button below to get started today.