The Dandelion is one of the most prevalent weeds we encounter in our lawns today.  An Interesting fact about the dandelion, they were imported to North America by the Pilgrims who used them as salad greens and to make wine.   But today the dandelion is seen as more of a nuisance that frustrates homeowners in their attempt to have that perfect emerald green lawn than a desired edible.
Dandelions have bright yellow flowers that emerge in the spring and soon form white puffballs full of seeds that are dispersed by the wind.  The wind can take the seeds and spread them out over several miles and these seeds then go about the business of germinating and starting the process all over again. 
Even though dandelions attract pollinators like bees, they actually reproduce asexually, which means the seeds are genetically identical to the mother plant.   Dandelions are also a perennial that is able to survive the winter because of its long taproot.  It is the taproot that makes them so difficult to eliminate.  The taproot grows deep into the soil and if you leave just an inch of taproot when weeding they can still regenerate.
Dandelions are highly susceptible to herbicides but it can take several weeks before the dying weed disappears from your yard.  And the herbicide application isn’t effective on seeds that haven’t begun to germinate yet. The most effective way to remove dandelions is by hand right after they begin to flower. Not only is it best to get them before they go to seed, but also the blooming process takes a lot of energy and their taproot will be weakened, making them easier to pull up.
Another way to prevent dandelions is to make sure that your lawn is healthy and properly maintained since dandelions thrive on thin weak grass.  This means that your lawn needs consistent mowing and deep but infrequent watering as well as fertilization. 

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