Although there are many options for lawn care and landscape maintenance in the Treasure Valley, Organic Solutions! Inc., is one of the few that provides comprehensive services for residential and commercial properties.  We have been in business for over 17 years and know the terrain and challenges of our unique environment and that is why we employ the best technicians and specialists and work hard to achieve 100% Satisfaction. 

Whether you are a lawn care novice or just lack the time to invest in lawn care maintenance we can help you achieve a beautiful lawn that will make you the envy of your neighborhood. 

Here are just some of the lawn care services we provide:

Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing –  Our reliable crew provides weekly mowing, edging and trimming.   

Fertilization – Our lawn care specialists use the finest organic fertilizers available and the proper timing for application.

Weed Control – We have comprehensive plans to help you combat invasive and unwanted weeds as well other turf destroyers such as billbug.

Spider/Insect Control – Whether you want to keep spiders and earwigs out of your home, aphids off of your plants, or wasps away from your outdoor space, we have the solution to all the creepy crawlies that could damage your trees or plants or make it difficult for you to enjoy your yard or home.

Weeding and Flowerbed Maintenance – We have monthly, seasonal, or one time flowerbed cleanup services for your garden and flower beds that includes weeding and pruning of shrubs.

Trimming and Pruning – Whether you need your bushes trimmed or have trees that need seasonal pruning, we have specialists who can do the job right.

Tree Services – Our trained tree specialists can diagnose and treat issues with disease and insects, trim, remove problem trees or help you install new trees.  We can also prevent your trees from producing unwanted or nuisance fruit.

Sprinklers – We have a full time crew who not only provides irrigation system turn ons and blow-outs but can diagnose and fix your sprinklers as well as adjust for coverage and timing.  We also offer sprinkler installation with a 2 year warranty.

If you are interested in experiencing the convenience of professional lawn care and landscaping or are unhappy with your current company, trust the experts at Organic Solutions! Inc for prompt affordable service you can depend on.

Contact us today to schedule a free at-home consultation with one of our qualified lawn care professionals.

Phone:  208-884-8986

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