Idaho has seen a dramatic increase in its population over the years. Caldwell has experienced our share of growth as part of that push. Part of this increase involves the natural beauty that we are blessed with in southern Idaho. The natural beauty also extends into our lawns and gardens. To make them look their best, you need the help of a professional landscaper. A company that understands the soil and it’s requirements here in the Caldwell area. While many of us are capable of doing this work ourselves, it’s often much easier to hire the professionals and let us take care of it. You have enough to do, let us handle this for you!


  • Maintenance

  • Organic Fertilizing

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Tree Service

  • Sprinkler Service


Here are a few of our favorite DIY resources. We wanted to share them with you because we believe in being a resource for our community. Many Caldwell homeowners and business owners prefer to do their own landscaping. We get it!

Landscaping Source Manual contains great information for anyone looking for creating and technical help! Are you confused about where to start? That’s understandable! Check out this Do-it-yourself Network article for some innovative ideas!

While you will find many resources available, here are some of the better ones that we have found over the years. Lots of information to help get you started. Remember, if you get overwhelmed, you can always contact Organic Solutions and we will take it from there!

  1. Houzz
  2. Better Homes and Gardens
  3. Southern Living
  4. HGTV
  5. Country Living 


As the old saying goes, “you do not get a second chance at a first impression!” The landscaping around your business says a lot to your current and prospective customers. What does your current landscape say about your company? Is it inviting? Is it regionally appropriate? What about maintaining your outdoor spaces? Are you putting too much time and effort into keeping it looking good?

Organic Solutions knows from experience that commercial landscapes are different than backyard landscapes. They serve a different purpose. Therefore we focus on designing a space that makes sense for your business needs. Large or small.

Our landscaping specialists are experienced professionals in our field. From the most difficult designs to simple grassy areas, our landscape designers will put their experience to work for you. Trust our team to give you the look you want at a price you can afford!

We have years of experience working right here in Caldwell. We know what it takes to get the results you deserve. Commercial landscaping is an investment in your business. Send the right message to your visitors by hiring Organic Solutions today!


Our team has the most experienced landscapers in the Caldwell area. We can handle any project you have, from the small and simple to the large and complex. We specialize in making the impossible come true. 

Many people in the Caldwell area have turned to Organic Solutions in the past for their landscaping needs. Trust them and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!


A beautiful lawn is a sight to behold! It makes an average house look great. It makes a beautiful house look stunning! Put your neighbors on notice today with a beautiful residential landscape from Organic Solutions.

Our team of experienced and dedicated landscapers will design, install and maintain your home’s lawn and garden area. From sprinklers to sod or seed. We also install fire pits and conversation areas that make a great addition to any landscape project.

You simply can’t go wrong by setting up a free in-home consultation with Organic Solutions. Tell us what you want your lawn to look like and we’ll tell you how we’ll make it happen!


Landscaping is not an easy task, and there are many things that need to be considered. But we have got you covered. Our team is highly efficient in delivering what you want. They are experienced as well as ambitious to create new and unique designs. Here are some of the landscaping services that we offer in Caldwell.


Design is the most important aspect in professional landscaping. The appropriate placement of shrubs, fountains, trees, plantations, flowers, gazebos, and other elements are essential to creating a pleasing and appealing look. A specifically tailored design for your lawn will be developed by our resident designer.


Who does not love a lush, green lawn? We use special organic fertilizers in your lawn so that there is no discoloration, and all you enjoy is bright, green, and fresh grass that is pleasing to look on and relaxing to walk on.

Tree Services

Trees add beauty and greenery to your garden, but they are a risky items. Incorrect placement or overgrowth can spoil the entire look of your lawn. Organic Solutions provides all sorts of tree services like trimming, replanting, or, if necessary, complete removal.

Sprinkler services

Watering is an important part of helping your greenery to bloom and blossom. Watering can be made quite easy by installing sprinklers all around your yard. We install sprinklers, as well as repair and maintain them, and also help you to plan out watering schedules for the best growth.

Lawn mowing

If you appropriately and adequately water and fertilize your lawn, it will grow fast and very lush. Such a lawn will require frequent trimming and mowing services. We provide efficient and professional lawn mowing services.


Organic Solutions has over 40 years of experience in designing, redesigning and maintaining lawns in Caldwell businesses and homes. We have got you covered for all of your lawn and landscaping needs and requirements. We are an insured and licensed company. We will first carry out a thorough inspection of the property and then propose a free estimate. Our goal is simple…to provide our customers with the best service at the best price.


Are you ready to take the next step in your lawn improvement journey? If so, give Organic Solutions a call today. We’ll bring the experience you expect to get the results you deserve. There is only one company in the Caldwell area to call!