Caldwell residents, new and old, all love a beautiful lawn. A well taken care of yard that is green and lush rarely happens one its own. It takes dedication, patience, and skill. You need a solid knowledge of the local soil, the type of grass you have and the kind of fertilizer you are using. The Treasure Valley has different soil requirements depending on where you are in the valley. Caldwell is no different. Organic Solutions provides the best organic fertilizer available to help your lawn and garden become more beautiful than you thought possible. We use people and pet friendly products to keep all your loved ones safe! It is important that the company you choose to work with is experienced in this area! Organic Solutions is the Caldwell fertilizing company to call.


Caldwell is a fertile area with different types of soil in different regions; therefore, it requires much attention. There are multiple methods that can be adapted to fertilize your lawn. You can:

  • Use your valuable time and energy to find a good generic lawn fertilizer. Then using a spreader (either buy it or rent it) spread the fertilizer onto your lawn. For this, you must have a complete understanding regarding the perfect time and the adequate quantity of fertilizer that is to be used.
  • You can consult a lawn care specialist and get a ready made bag of appropriate fertilizer and spread it onto your lawn using a rented or a purchased spreader. This makes your task a bit easier because you do not have to search for the most suitable fertilizers yourself; fertilizers needed for the Caldwell area have especially been mixed and bags prepared for purchase.
  • Lastly, you can opt for a lawn care and maintenance company to fertilize and maintain your lawn. This is a more expensive option, but definitely worth the price. The company has professionals who will do thorough research and analysis of your lawn and then determine its needs and develop the perfect fertilizer mixture for your land. Plus, they do all of the work for you!


In order to decide the need to hire a lawn fertilization company, you must first answer the questions below:

  • Do I understand my lawn’s needs?
  • Do I know what it is missing?
  • Am I skillful enough to carry out the work?
  • Will I get what I want after all the effort I put in?
  • How much fertilizer should I use, and what is the perfect time for starting the application?
  • Will my family and pets remain safe after the fertilizer that I have used?
  • Are there any pests or other issues that I should take into consideration?
  • Can I plan out the perfect fertilization and watering schedule?

If you are unable to positively answer most of the questions, then you need to hire a Caldwell lawn care company. They will help you design your perfect lawn because they have all the knowledge required for designing the impeccable lawn for the Caldwell area.


Live micro-organisms make all the difference when creating a beautiful, lush lawn! Their ability to naturally aerate the soil is second to none. They work 24 hours a day to create the perfect bed for your lawn. The best part is they are safe for pets and people. Keeping your family and friends safe while creating a beautiful space is as good as it gets! Trust Organic Solutions to use the safest products available while giving you the lawn you’ve always wanted.


If you are blessed with a lawn, then you definitely have to get it fertilized for it to bloom and flourish to its best potential. Plants are living organisms and therefore require different nutrients to grow. Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen are some of the main nutrients that must be present in the soil in adequate proportions for the greenery to blossom.

Inadequate proportions of these may spoil the look of your lawn. In such situations, you need to hire professional help to improve the quality of your soil and thus improve your yard’s look and health. Lawn professionals will not only cater to the nutrient deficiency in your plants and soil but will also look for other issues like discoloration patches, pests, watering systems, and water schedules.

In order to get the perfect lawn in the Caldwell area, look for professional lawn service providers like Organic Solutions that are well equipped and have complete knowledge regarding Caldwell soil types.


The fertilization options available in the Caldwell area come in different types and can be done through varying methods. Following are some of the more common types that can be used when choosing the best and most suitable lawn care solution:

  • Spray/liquid fertilizer
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Non-organic lawn fertilizer
  • Organic lawn fertilizer


You have many decisions to make when looking for a professional lawn fertilizing company in Caldwell. Consider the reputations of the companies that you are potentially hiring to take care of your lawn. While the right company can work wonders with your lawn, the wrong company can be equally devastating. Incorrectly fertilizing your lawn and garden can cost you thousands of dollars and potentially cause you to start over. Ask them about their policy on fertilizer types. Are they using organic fertilizer that is safe for your kids and pets? Before you hire a company to handle your fertilizing needs, call Organic Solutions and let us come to your home or business and give you a free, no obligation quote. We are confident that you will see the difference once we’ve had a chance to meet face to face.