Organic Solutions provides the best lawn mowing service to Boise residents. Lawn mowing can help make your yard look great every week. The team will show up on a designated day and time to cut your lawn with precision and dedication to your grass. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best-looking grass on the street. Our grass mowing service gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will have a beautiful lawn with out any of the hassle of making sure it is just right. When you want to play in the yard, have a BBQ or have friends over to sit in the wonderful spring air – lawn mowing should not be the main topic of concern. Let Organic Solutions take care of all your Boise lawn mowing needs.


Toro Mowers have a great resource of information about beautiful lawns and how to have the best lawncare. Organic Solutions follow some of these mowing tips. You might know this but just watering & mowing your lawn might not give you the best lawn.

Organic Solutions always makes sure of the following:

  • Sharp blades – Sharp lawn mowing blades sure the best cut. It also ensures that the grass stays the healthiest week in and week out.
  • Proper blades height – Too short stresses the roots and thins the grass. We try to never remove 1/3 of the grass blade to ensure the best, healthy lawn
  • Different cutting patterns – Did you know cutting in the exact same pattern can create ruts and the grass will start growing in one direction. A one direction lawn just never looks as good as a multi-directional lawn cut.

It should also be noted that in mowing your Boise lawn, you should consider what it means to have your lawn mowed correctly. Cornell University has a few facts that will help keep your lawn looking perfect throughout all the months of the year. You want to refrain from clumping the grass, limit watering during spring and add more water during summer. You can read more about their suggestions at their blog here.


A freshly mowed lawn is just something that is amazing. The smell, the wheel marks, the color are just unmatched of a perfectly cut grass. Organic Solutions is one of the highest rated lawn mowing companies in the Boise area. Our customers love how their grass looks every week – can you blame them! The best part about a lawn mowing company is that you never have to worry about if the lawn is being taken care of or if the grass is not properly maintained. All you have to worry about is coming how to see your lawn perfectly taken care of and the perks of having the best lawn on the street. Organic Solutions is the best choice for Boise lawn mowing.


Our lawn mowing service has received top marks from many local Boise residents. We use only top quality lawn mowing equipment which lends to the incredible professional look that you receive when using our lawn mowing service.


When you hire a professional lawn mowing service company like Organic Solutions to mow your lawn you are hiring just that – A PROFESSIONAL!

Our company strives to be the best of the Boise lawn mowing companies there are. We promise to always do the following:

  • Be on time
  • Employees who care about your lawn
  • Employ people who care about you and your you needs
  • Fair Pricing that does not randomly change
  • Quality every time we Mow your lawn

Our company takes lawn mowing very seriously and want to have the very best outcome. Every time you are near your lawn or see your lawn, we want you to be excited and happy you chose Organic Solutions of Boise.


Professional lawn mowing is more than just mowing. You have a partner who looks, sees and takes care of your lawn on a monthly basis. We see and service your lawn to make sure it is always perfect for you and your family. The goal is to save you time and effort, so you do not dread your lawn but love it. Love the smell, love the color and love when the family/dogs can use the lawn.

Usually Organic Solutions of Boise sees that we need to be mowing your lawn once a week to keep it healthy and growing correctly. Waiting to cut lawns too long can create issues with the lawn and problems with the roots. Hiring a professional Boise lawn mowing company ensures a great lawn that is seen after every week.

You can mow your lawn yourself. Hiring us just takes time off your weekly to-do list. We also ensure your lawn is perfectly taken care of and cut correctly. Why worry about if the mower works, if you are cutting the grass to short, not cutting the grass enough etc. Hiring Organic Solutions gives you the solution to have a wonderful outdoor living space in Boise.

All our lawn mowing services are guaranteed. If you are not happy with something we are doing please, please give us a call. Most the time issues that arise (rarely) we can mitigate those issues with a simple phone call. We aim to please each lawn mowing customer of ours, so feedback is welcome and appreciated. We want to keep our services the #1 rated lawn mowing service in Boise.


We hope you see the value in hiring Organic Solutions to mow your lawn. Just imagine coming home to a perfectly cut lawn – the smell of delight. The patterns of the mower and the color the grass shimmers. The best part – no effort from you was needed to make this happen every week. Our promise as always is to make your Boise lawn mowing experience, amazing and perfect.