Whether you are new to the Treasure Valley or have lived here for years, there is one thing that everyone loves. An amazing yard… we all love the look of a well manicured lawn, but not everybody knows how to achieve this. In the Boise area there are many different types of soil. Knowledge of boise lawn fertilization amounts and schedules are difficult to know and understand. Each area of the valley has their own unique needs for fertilization. When a company comes out to assess your individual needs for lawn care they should have the knowledge and experience to create a treatment plan for your lawn and within no time at all your yard is going to be the talk of the town. Your family and pets are going to have a yard that they enjoy walking on and enjoying throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Knowing when you need to start with a lawn fertilization schedule depends on the temperature of the soil, and the climate zone that you live in.


We know there are many different ideas and techniques to properly fertilize your lawn in the Boise area. You can go down to your local store and buy a generic lawn fertilizer in a bag and either rent or buy a spreader and go and take your time, energy and understanding to know when and how much to spread on your lawn. You can also go to a to a lawn care specialist and get a pre mixed bag of fertilizer that has been mixed based on the general needs for the Boise area, and once again rent or buy a spreader and spread it yourself. The last option is to hire a company that specializes in lawn care and maintenance, have them come out and test your yard and they can create a specific mixture to fertilize your yard. This mixture is based on the specific needs that your lawn may have. This option might come with a cost, but it also comes with the understanding that what you are putting on your lawn has a greater chance to be exactly what you need. The other methods are only based on what “most” lawns need. 


When you are looking at the benefits of hiring a company to take care of your lawn, or doing things yourself. You need to think about a few things. Am/do I have the skills needed to properly spread fertilizer to my lawn? Do I have the knowledge of what my lawn needs? Can I guarantee that what I am putting on my yard is going to give me the results I desire? Is the fertilizer that I am spreading going to be safe for my animals and or family? When should I apply more and how much fertilizer should I apply to my yard? Do you know what your watering schedule should be based on your fertilization schedule? Do you have any pests that are damaging your yard? If any of these things sound confusing or your answer is no, then you probably need to hire a lawn care company. When you hire a team of lawn care professionals you are also hiring them because they have the understanding and the know how to create the best and most desireable lawn. Your lawn care professionals that you hire to test and fertilize your Boise area lawn will show you what is needed to achieve the best outcome.


Our organic lawn fertilizer is full of live micro-organisms that naturally aerate the soil. We also have humates in every lawn application which naturally breaks down clay and adds much needed organic material to sandy soils. The best and most beneficial part of our organic lawn fertilizer is that it is not harmful to humans, pets, or the environment. Your lawn can be used immediately after the application or even during.


How do you even know if you need to have your lawn fertilized? The easiest answer to this question is… Do you have a lawn? Then yes you need to fertilize it. Different plants require different nutrients, and if the soil you have in your yard doesn’t have the optimal levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, or Potassium then your yard will never look as good as it can. If you notice your lawn color isn’t what you want, then you need to have a trained professional come out and test your soil to see where the levels are at. You also might have pests that are causing damage to your yard. The right lawn care company will know what to do about this problem too. If you have patches of discoloration in your yard you might have some of these pests in your yard or you might just need to see if your sprinkler system is needing an adjustment. Most important thing to consider when you are looking for a Bosie area lawn care provider is, do they understand the needs of the areas yards, and do they have the proper knowledge on how to overcome these needs or problems?


There are many different ways and types of fertilization here in the Boise area. When you are looking for a lawn care solution here are a few of the types that you should consider.

  1. Organic based lawn fertilizer
  2. Nonorganic based lawn fertilizer
  3. Liquid/spray fertilizer
  4. Granular fertilizer


When you are looking to hire a Boise area lawn care company to handle your lawn fertilization schedule. You need to take into consideration the company’s reputation, the type of fertilizer they use, and their experience they bring. By looking at a company’s reviews online it will show you how others perceived the service they provided. This can tell a lot about how a company feels about the service they provide. There are companies out there that will come out and spray your yard and never tell you that you have to stay off your lawn for 24 hours, there are also companies that use more people and pet friendly fertilizers also, it is important to know what kind of chemicals they are using. If a company says they have been in the lawn care business for many years, they must be doing something right. Make sure you are checking to see how much experience they bring to the table before you let them take control of your Boise lawn fertilization care.