Overseeding is the spreading of grass seed on top of an existing lawn.  Here are some of the reasons overseeding may benefit your yard:

1.     When your lawn is regularly mowed it does not have the opportunity to go to seed to propagate itself, so your lawn will start to grow old and more stressed making it more vulnerable to weeds and diseases.
2.     Older lawns were established with more common turf seeds that don’t have the benefits that many new turf seed mixes have today, such as being more drought tolerant.
3.     Your lawn looks thin, tired, or patchy and needs help to grow more dense and healthy.

Overseeding can be done in the spring or the fall.   Late summer to fall is the optimal time for overseeding because the soil and atmospheric temperatures give the new seedlings the best conditions to grow and develop.  But spring overseeding can be appropriate for returning a damaged lawn to health if you haven’t already applied a preemergent which would keep the new seeds from germinating.  If you overseed in spring you will need to make sure to provide frequent watering before the heat of summer.

Before you overseed it is important to recognize and treat any of the lawn issues that may be causing the existing grass to deteriorate.  Some examples include:  Insufficient water or improper drainage, nutrient deprived or compacted soil, or insufficient sunlight. 

Overseeding a lawn can not only help it look more attractive but it can also improve the health and resilience of your lawn, depending upon the seed you choose.  Because of the importance in choosing the right seed and being aware of the issues regarding your current lawn health as well as the best conditions for overseeding, hiring a knowledgeable lawn and landscape company such as Organic Solutions, Inc. is highly recommended.

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