If you begin to notice that your plants or trees have little holes like something took a bite out of them or that the leaves are beginning to yellow and have an ugly black sticky substance on them?  It could mean that you have Aphids.  On careful inspection, you might even see a dense group of these little insects feeding on the leaves or stems of your plants.
Aphids are small, soft bodied insects that come in various colors – black yellow, red, green, brown, or pink.  They are pear shaped with long legs and antennae.  Typically they are wingless, but some species have developed wings in order to travel to find food sources. Aphids reproduce many times throughout the year and often without the need for a mate.  In warm weather aphids can develop from a newborn into a reproducing adult within a week. 
Aphids suck the sap and plant juice out of leaves and stems which causes curling and discoloration.  Because the aphids can’t fully digest all the sugars they excrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which is a food source for ants.  The honeydew can cause a black sooty mold to grow which discolors your plants and makes them look dirty.
Aphids have natural predators such as lady bugs but in the case of large populations it may be necessary to have the trees or plants treated.  At Organic Solutions! Inc., we have the expertise to know how to treat aphid outbreaks as well as timing specific treatments that can prevent future outbreaks.

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