So you survived “Snowpocalypse 2017” but it doesn’t look like your lawn did.  If your once beautiful grass contains white and yellowish spots it may indicate the presence of a lawn fungus that likes to breed under heavy snow commonly known as Snow Mold.  

Before you panic, take a deep breath, for the most part Snow Mold should go away on its own.  You can expedite your lawn’s recovery from Snow Mold by gently raking the affected areas.  Removing the loose discolored grass will allow the air to circulate and aid your grass in the healing process. Remember to always tread sparingly on damp grass to prevent further damage.  

In most cases, your lawn has the ability to heal and recover from snow mold on its own but it will take several weeks of warm spring weather for the damaged areas to appear healthy again.  If the infected areas are severe there may be a need for reseeding or for a professional application of fungicide.  At Organic Solutions! Inc., we have experts who can appraise the condition of your lawn and recommend the measures needed to restore your lawn to full health.

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